HERE and NOW a LEGEND is created.
HERE and NOW a BREAKTHROUGH is happening.
HERE and NOW the AGE OF INNOCENCE is activated.

The AGE OF INNOCENCE is a whole new paradigm defining a whole NEW WORLD.
We call it ABSOLUTIA. Where we are absolute. Where our co-creations are absolute. (absolute: perfect, pure, universal)

HERE and NOW we witness the inevitable.
HERE and NOW we witness another cycle of Breakdown and Breakthrough.
ABSOLUTIA could look like an utopian phantasy world to you. Exactly that is the Breakthrough. Beyond our current understanding of the world. Beyond our ways of thinking.
Probably, what you currently experience around yourself every day is dystopia at its best. Exactly that is the Breakdown.
Utopia and Dystopia are unfolding hand in hand, not just two different perspectives, but two different event horizons of a black hole. Both are true. Exactly that is the transition.

The OLD WORLD and with it its whole system and dynamics are set up as a Single Player Game for survival, for resources, and money. Where greed is your biggest success factor. Where everybody is cheating on others (on themselves). We all know the drill. We’ve all played Monopoly. No matter how good we have become at playing that game, it continues to leave a bitter taste in your mouth. It is not sustainable and never will be. It will always feel incomplete. A neverending void inside. Because money can’t buy you (unconditional) love.

HERE and NOW we are not saviors or change agents. It is impossible. And not necessary. The old world is in balance. For every good, there is an evil. For each light, there is darkness. Duality will continue to play out until it destroys itself. It is physics. It is entropy. The second law of thermodynamics. Trying to change it is a much more futile fight than Don Quixote fought against the windmills. 

HERE and NOW the Breakdown is on, full speed ahead.
The OLD WORLD of today has become a boring and predictable board game. What goes up, must come down. What goes around comes around. All we can do is observe how the old relentlessly continues to phase out. Why? Because it is based on linear dynamics of cause and effect – a result when polarity is separated into opposing forces. This creates a world of separation and conditions. Everything and everyone is conditional and is working against each other or co-depending on each other for survival. The old system does not align with the harmonics of nature. It abuses and exploits nature without returning anything. It is destined to implode and self-destruct: Cause and effect.

Breakdowns are inevitable. Breakthroughs too.
HERE and NOW an inter-dimensional black hole sucks the old world into deconstruction and chaos. A daily dystopia.
There is no other way. It’s the law of conservation of energy.
With each brick of the OLD WORLD dismantled, there is a new one available for ABSOLUTIA, the restructuring on the other side of the black hole.

In this universe, everything is cycles and waves. Each time is happening with a new turnplot. A new creative twist a la Woody Allen.
History repeats itself, we are seeing the same patterns that we saw, when the black death created immense chaos, and destroyed the old Feudal system. It brought a blossoming of a new era of beauty and light: The RENAISSANCE.

HERE and NOW, the pace of transition is faster than ever in (linear) history. 
At the horizon we start seeing ABSOLUTIA as an expansive fresh NEW WORLD beyond any human technology, progress and comprehension to date.

No transition is possible for the OLD WORLD board game and its items and currency.
No transition is possible for the OLD WORLD version of you.
Both played their purpose in the OLD GAME. They brought you here.
All there is left to do is to be thankful for both, for their stories and for the growth and expansion they gave you.

HERE and NOW the transition is already happening inside of each one of us.
HERE and NOW the inner transition is reflected in our outside world in the collective.
As within So without.
As above So below.
The transition is for everyone. No matter where you are in the OLD game. The ivory towers are all coming down.

HERE and NOW, Ready or Not, your life is being fast forwarded.
HERE and NOW you’re being pushed to your new destination.
HERE and NOW ABSOLUTIA is calling you.


Welcome HOME.

It’s a clear and quiet night
The bright moon lights up the sky
The guests are all arriving now
And filling the entire house
With their colours and perfumes

There goes Snow White, and Tom Thumb,
And the three little pigs
And here’s Snoopy the dog and his
best friend Woodstock and Simbad
Ali Baba and Guilliver

Oh! Welcome home, oh please come in
We’ll turn your sorrows into smoke
My home will always be your home,
If it can be someone’s home

Hello, Jaimito! Mrs. Urraca!
Carpanta and Bluebeard,
Frankenstein and the werewolf,
Count Dracula and Tarzan,
Cheetah the Chimp and Peter Pan

On the strike of twelve, the guests are here
The good fairy and Cinderella
Tom & Jerry, Calixta the Witch
Bambi and Moby Dick
And the graceful Princess Sissi

Oh! Welcome home, oh please come in
There’s no one missing, we’re all here
But maybe, wait, I’ve just just realised
someone’s missing
So where are you?!

You can join us if you want
We’re waiting here, there’s room for all
Time and space don’t matter now,
because the sun
Could rise tonight