I am having very beautiful and interesting conversations with my Dad within the past weeks. 
It is like sending letters between dimensions, and I love to observe, and learn from it, and I felt like sharing these conversations. Realities can look so differently, depending on our perspective! 

Dearest Vera,

with some surprise we read your last Fast Forward newsletter.
Somehow your original plans and ideas seem to have ended with the Brazil adventure. 
Do you really think that you can just press the reset button and it creates a new world,
based on simplicity and play?
This is of course a fantastic dream that borders on being a fairytale. So you think that – in contrast to Christian teaching – you could create heaven or paradise on earth.
It is clear to me that mankind has been trying to optimize their lives here on earth for a very long time. The consequences of this can be clearly felt. Environmental degradation, climate change, population explosion and unprecedented global tourism are the results of this behavior. Nobody can excuse themselves: we are both perpetrators and victims. It seems to me very questionable whether you can prevent this with your new path. It might be possible that you can reach a small part of the people with it.
The saying of the Swiss philosopher Galli fits this topic:
“How often do you have to make the same mistake over and over again until you realize that you always make the same mistake again and again.”
Please don’t get it wrong. You have to go your own way and if you feel happy doing that, that’s fine. However, you are still dependent on the benevolence of other people after you have left your solid foundations and hovered relatively unsecured over this planet that you want to save – a noble goal!
So now we wish you all the best and all the best and stay healthy.
Your Dad


Dearest Dad,
Thank you for your message and your critical consideration. I do not expect you to understand us, and I feel the cognitive dissonance that our doing creates for you, because it does not match your worldview and belief system. The old world and the old system cannot be saved because – as Galli says: “How often do you have to make the same mistake again and again until you realize that you are always making the same mistake again and again?”
Let me add Einstein: “You can never solve problems with the same mindset that created them.”
We have a different perspective on things, and we see humanity spinning in a circle, because nobody wants to leave their comfort zone, and nobody can imagine that a world and a system can look very different.
Christian teaching has been misinterpreted in many ways, and beliefs persist. So stubbornly that it contributes to more conflicts, wars and separation from the human organism. If people understood the real meaning of the teachings of Jesus, there would be no religions …
“Man himself is the creator of his heaven or hell, and there are no demons other than his own foolishness.” Eliphas Levi.
We create our own reality and we recreate it through our own view of things, individually and collectively.
Sure, everyone is a victim and a perpetrator, and yet nobody wants to break the vicious cycle. The old world goes into the abyss all by itself, and everyone who plays the old monopoly game of capitalism shares responsibility. No matter how many beautiful and stubborn lip services are said, nothing helps. As long as we are more in the service of money and make ourselves dependent on this illusory power instead of trusting each other and putting our actions together as one organism in the service of nature in order to live in harmony with natural cycles and dynamics, we pay the bill for it. That may sound harsh – but the intelligence of the universe and nature follows irrefutable physical laws, and knows exactly how to shake off parasites that only take, and give nothing in return because of greed, avarice, competition and separation from the whole. This is the principle of duality when polarity is split and works against each other. Cause and effect. Karma … What I or the collective causes, strikes back with the same force.
The corona virus and the fires in Australia are certainly only the beginning of this transformation and natural selection.
We don’t want to convince anyone, we don’t want to save the old world and the old system. There is nothing to save.
We’re creating a new inspiring world, and even if it doesn’t become more than a Noah’s ark, that’s enough. And if not – for us there is nothing in the old world that keeps us there. We have no survival instinct out of fear that keeps as many people so attached to security anchors as insurance, regular income, etc.
We act out of unconditional love and compassion, and everyone is invited to break new ground with us. But we also know that not everyone can and will come along these new paths. As paradoxical as it is, the fear of unconditional love is huge, due to the many fear conditionings that we have taken up and internalized in our life.
If we can make this world available for the children of tomorrow, then our existence has paid off twice. And if not – at least we didn’t play the old game, researched, found and shared new ways, and are therefore neither perpetrators nor victims.
Whatever happens, we love you and we wish you a life always led from the heart.
Vera and Agustí


Dearest Vera,
Thank you for your extensive comments on the goals of your movement and the long overdue transformation of our world.
I’m not that optimistic. We have declared war on nature and I think we will be the losers. You know that I’ve always been concerned about the state of our environment.
“Humans have already achieved a great deal with technology, but they are striving to make further progress. The many technical innovations have a very negative impact on the course of nature. Some meadows, some forests have already fallen victim to them. The vegetation is being changed and restricted and poisoned. Cities and industry emerge on the cleared forest and the Mesch sits right in the middle. The state of health of people is deteriorating and many of the current diseases are happening due to this contamination. Small fluctuations in the natural balance of the earth indicate this. These will become apparent but enlarge if there is no stop. “
Who wrote that? I was at the tender age of 18 in a class essay on the impact of technology on nature. The ignorance of my German teacher made itself felt in the grading: 4.5! (D-)
Unfortunately, my ideas at the time are far exceeded.
We can only hope and wish that global rethinking begins and people recognize their “foolishness”.
Otherwise we wish you enough strength and stamina on your chosen path.
All my love


Dearest Dad,
Thank you also for your view of the world. You are on the dystopian track, we are on the utopian track. Both are real scenarios, depending on what perspective we take and how willing we are to change ourselves and our behavior. For me, technology is not the problem, technology including AI only follows the behavior and value system with which it is used. Limitless growth, return expectations, greed, avarice and an illusory understanding of security in money and possessions is what makes this monster grow every day. And almost everyone is watching, because nobody wants to give up their own comfort zone or “quality of life” and is waiting for someone else to fix it. Technology could be used quite differently to actually create harmony at all levels.
We just have to be very honest with ourselves, where we focus our attention, where we invest and use our money, that is what grows in our reality. String Theory …. if we put quantum physics more in relation to ourselves – many things would be easier to understand.
The only thing that brings about a change is a change of every individual inside. Do I keep playing the old game, or do I play a new game that runs in harmony with nature instead of against nature. A change to a lifestyle of unconditional love instead of a fear-driven one. Each and every one of us can make this decision or not – and thus contribute constructively to something new, or continue to contribute destructively to the destruction. We have the key within us.
It looks like the next step will take us to the United States, right to the root of capitalism and its extreme excesses.
We’ll keep you up to date.
We love you
Vera & Agustí

Dearest Vera,
We survived the first part of the hurricane, and of course hope that we will be spared.
Unfortunately, such weather conditions will become more frequent if not rethought accordingly.
We agree with you on many points as the situation becomes more and more threatening.
“There is a shortage of people to do the hopeless”. This statement comes from Hans Magnus Enzensberger, who wrote impressive poems as a young man. “What have I lost here on this Aryan scrap heap, where the calendar full of impotence and stress tears itself off and the weariness bites into the embroidered hunger cloth – welcome to the cozy misery!
This violence has fascinated me as a teenager and has been with me to this day.
There have been many warnings and Kassandra calls, but humanity stands in the way of itself. Your wishes coincide with ours, but only a few are willing to do the hopeless.
We wish you good luck and, above all, success for your America mission. It seems that to achieve something you have to venture into the lion’s den.
All my love

Dearest Dad,
The key is that we, as human beings, see ourselves again as a family, as an interdependent superorganism that has forgotten itself and is seriously ill with cancer. We do the “hopeless”, which for us is the only prospect of a new world that has nothing to do with the old one. Indeed, a junk heap where humanity has made itself comfortable in its misery.
As I said, words, no matter how powerful, alone do not change anything. We stick to the motto “Walk the Talk” and inspire with a completely different way of life. In the United States, it looks like our approach falls on fertile ground. We already have a lot of conversations, this time not because we are trying to achieve something or convince people – this time people and organizations are approaching us. We’ll see what it entails.
We are currently organizing our trip, as well as that of our two dogs – who will fly from Brazil to the USA. We are grateful that our friends in Brazil are making the reunion in the USA with them possible. Our plane tickets are also sponsored/fundraised by people who love us, and the puzzle pieces we bring. It is so beautiful to experience that the principle of unconditional sharing (which is the basic principle of nature / ecology) is embodied more and more. 
We wish you the right decisions and an open heart for the coming time.
All our love
Vera and Agustí

*Amazing Art by Michal Kváč