You are so full of wonder, and you don’t even know it.
You are so full of endless possibilities which you have never even seen.
You are so full of sparkling potential, just waiting to be tapped into.
You were meant to contribute to a more beautiful world, you carry an essential puzzle piece. It is not irrelevant what you do with your life!
You were supposed to live happy, free, in a state of pure excitement and energy, loving up every tiny bit of your own existence. Immersed in joy and a deep sensation of Love, seeing the reflection of your own beauty and inner peace in everything around you.

You might look at the world with despair. But the world is there for you. Simply see the perfection in what is. Because everything that is seemingly in the way of this highest version of you, not aligned with it, all of this is pointing you to something inside yourself that can finally go now.
If there is something in your outside world that disturbs you, makes you angry, makes you sad, this is an invitation to face your own emotion and ask for the root of it, to be released and transformed.

Your outside world is pointing you to where you may most need to look.
Your immediate outer reflection and daily experience which brings you any kind of emotional reaction is your greatest ally. Embrace everything you encounter with gratitude, and already you made friends with it instead of shutting it out, raging against it, and chucking a little piece away from yourself.
Then ask your new friend what it wants to show you. What belief, storyline or concept is in place inside of you which keeps creating and recreating your outer painful, unsatisfying experience? Be very gentle. The root of this might date back to the very beginning of your being, may it be in this body, a former one, passed down through your family line or a collective outdated thought-form, all of which may now be released through you.
You are the one you have been waiting for! You are the one here to set yourself free!

You have a softness inside beyond what you know.
You have a kindness inside beyond what you have seen.
You have a courage inside beyond your wildest dreams.
You have a wildness inside that consistently asks you to grow.
Your nature is abundant, loving, caring, in all the expressions this may take.

So go inwards now. Sit with yourself. Get to know your true nature beyond all masks, beliefs, limitations, past experiences. Fall – nay, RISE – in Love with yourself again, with your natural abundance and beauty.

These words might stir a joyful recognition in you, yet flavored with a hint of discomfort as your mind may want to argue with this. It has so many very very good arguments that state the opposite is true, it can probably show you a lot of proof. This is only normal. Embrace the scared toddler raging and spuing, so it may grow up into a version that knows to step aside and let the heart take its natural lead.
When you use the mind to build imaginary walls between inside and outside or inside and inside or outside and outside, this may be a quick comfort for the scared toddler, but ultimately leads to more suffering – because none of these made up walls offer truth. As long as they stand, you will be at war with yourself. Learn to embrace it all with gratefulness. Like this, what you used to despise and shut out of yourself, may now come home in your compassionate embrace. It has no other way than to transform, and your whole inner experience may shift.

This is an invitation to drop all stories that surround you. What do you actually see in your immediate surrounding? Why do you choose to fill your mind with news channels and articles and public voices that only speak of doom and gloom?
Why would you rather rage against some evil enemy lurking in the dark than face your immediate reflection in order to release old patterning?
Yes, it can seem painful at times. Yet the pain offers you a path to become fully alive. That pain is just a beeping smoke alert, showing you which part of yourself is burning. It is showing you what to look at so it can turn off again.
You may ask “what is it worth if I look at the same old broken world with joy and gratitude instead of despair?” It is worth everything! And as you start to grow up and act from Love, the whole world shifts with you. You cannot imagine the impact every single person has who grows into their full expression!

The despair has its place too, it also does not want to be denied, just felt. Feel it with no story attached. To drown in despair is just as unhealthy as to lock yourself in a bubble of love and light and a blinded “it is okay”, just so you don’t have to feel it.
So feel it, feel it all. You are strong enough for it. You were designed to free yourself in the utmost gentle way.

Enjoy the journey home.

By Joey Focking