We are anomalies. Imaginal Cells that have started to operate on a different code signal. We woke up one day, questioning reality as we perceived it. We were no longer able to accept the system/matrix, because we could see through the illusion of free will. We realized that the choices made from the human mind would always just lead to another loop within the system.

We started to free ourselves. We dared to break through the programming we were running on (conditioning/trauma/fear/separation). We played our QUEST. We began by fighting against the system. True rebels on a sacred mission to save the world! Until we were completely exhausted, and realized that we cannot make anyone see what goes beyond their current perception, programming and beliefs (the level of consciousness). That was never the point.

We understood, that we could not save anyone. All we could do is inspire by creating a new reference point, so people could start to actually see and experience the anomaly. To blow minds and amygdalas enough to crash the old programs.

This way, more imaginal cells are awakening and starting to question their life experience, too. This is how an organism transforms. From the inside out. Out of the shadows, into a Siddhi State, as our Gene Keys, our individual gifts awaken to prepare us for a whole new life experience. Shifting from co-dependence into independence, into interdependence. What an amazing ride! 

Maybe this Movement and Website “Doesn’t look like anything to you“, that is perfect. Maybe all it needed to do was plant a seed. 

Nevertheless, if you have read this website up to this point, it is very probable that you are an anomaly, too, and something inside of you is resonating deeply with what we say here. You might even feel joyful, and excited – knowing you are not alone. 

All of the content, approaches, ideas, inspirations you can find on this website is shared unconditionally (except for the artworks used, those are subject to the individual copyright of the artist). We invite you to use it and apply it in your personal daily life, in your community project, in your art works, in your adventures. We don’t do copyright, instead – you have the right to copy! Please make sure if you do, to keep it complete and to not rip it apart, so the meaning, structure and functionality does not get twisted. Thanks!

* Absolicious ART by Karsten Winegeart