“Alone, never you have been”
– Yoda

Life in this new dimension is a permanent exploration of yourself in others, and your surroundings. Every day is a discovery of magic and true oneness, co-living and co-creating in unity. So much beauty, joy and harmony! Simply absolicious!

We are pioneers, exploring and living these completely new ways. We are a small but growing collective of aligned individuals sharing a completely new attitude. A new perspective and fresh view of the world.

We dare to share, and to live with and from a heart wide open. We are going where nobody has gone before. We are no longer interested in old ways and stories. We create new narratives, the way we love it – without attaching to a story or character we play.

We are explorers of this new unknowable, happily compiling and sharing our findings in DISCOVERY TALES and TRANSMISSIONS

We have burnt the bridges to go back to the OLD GAME to play it safe. We have let go of any attachment, any intention to change, and of any access point to that old paradigm. We love to live and share our essence in every single NOW moment.

When you dare to share your vulnerability, your joy, your tears, your authentic you… you become remarkable! Your life becomes remarkable! People see you and are inspired by you. Just by your presence and your way of leading life. No career or legacy, no badges, trophies, certificates or recognition needed.

People are inspired because you walk your talk. You embody a new unconditional lifestyle of ease and joy. Life is simple and effortless when you live from the heart. You touch people, just by being your authentic you.

True – not everything is PEACE, JOY and PANCAKES, when you continue to be true to yourself. Embodiment is challenging. Your avatar (your collective of physical cells called body), has to work through a lot of density. It often wants to refuse to continue, because what you are doing seems absolutely impossible and way too dangerous.

When you start living the absolicious life it feels like driving on the edge of a cliff, every day! This is because everything is so different from what your bodies have believed to be true.
Your avatar is still learning to trust what you already know: You never had any control to begin with. Not in a way you thought anyways. Real control comes through letting go and letting be, not through holding on and trying to change your outside reality.
You know: You are always safe, and everything that happens is always perfect.

The transformation of the body takes time. It goes through different waves and cycles of unraveling, releasing, reprogramming, and restructuring. With every rinsing cycle, life becomes more absolicious. It becomes more and more fun, lighter and lighter!

Every time, you come closer to your origin, your innocence of a new born child. Your natural, unconditioned you.

No more strategies to get attention or to prevent pain. No more worries for past or future, no more fears, no shame, no guilt. No consequences. ABSOLICIOUS!

No membership, guide, teacher or guru needed. And so much easier than having to say YES to everything like in Carrey’s YES MAN.

Join the fflock with other pioneers around the world.
We ARE the beginning of a dream coming true.

*Absolicious ART by FLY:D