Somewhere over the rainbow, they say, there is a world where the dreams you dare to dream really do come true. A world where trouble melts like lemon drops. A world of blue birds and peachy skies. A world where your imagination is your only limit.

It is the home of true beauty. Comprised of the innocent alchemists, the children at heart, the true sorcerers and artists, wizards, performing their magic together every day. This world they say is a cosmic sandbox! Life is effortless there, full of love, playfulness and ice cream where co-creation comes easy! There are no schedules, time pressure, or expectations, no plans or budgets. In this world, legend says everyone moves with the cycles of nature as an integrated part of the circle of life.

It is a world of true friends and fellowship, where everything is shared unconditionally, everyone is appreciated, loved, and celebrated for who they really are. They say it is a world, where you not only can, but have no choice but to be yourself. Your true joyful essence. 

It is said to be a world of unity. A magical place without separation, without rules, borders or fences. A world without possessions, money, business, religions, politics, karma, or beliefs; not even cause and effect. A world created from a million dreams, ever changing, a world of never-ending possibilities. 

Contrary to the status quo reality, they say it is a world of limitless co-creation and harmony, where everyone thrives. A world where the plants & animals, the angels & fairies, the lepricons & gremlins, even the planets and stars invite you to travel with them into their vast realms of possibilities. The sharing of their immense wisdom leaves you in a perpetual state of awe and admiration.

As legend holds, it is a place of peace, joy and togetherness. A world without fear.

Where humans are living in harmony with nature and with each other. As the legend goes, it is a place where all feelings, whether they bring laughter or tears are encouraged and celebrated.

I’ve been to this world, if only in my dreams, which makes it impossible for me to stop feeling it. There must be more. It must be true. That a completely different world is not only possible, but already exists.

The dreamers of this world are out there. Each one on their own QUEST to find this world. And you, being right here, right now – reading these words. You must be one of those dreamers, too. No matter what you do – this legendary world is calling you home. 

Somewhere over the rainbow. The door is inside. Direction backwards. 

We’ll meet you there.

*Absolicious ART by Brian McGowan