I do understand more and more, what it means to be in the world, but not of it. Something has shifted in me. I am here, sometimes amongst people, sometimes alone. I observe. I see many individual and collective dualistic, conditional narratives playing out. People are interpreting from their own state of being and often are sending me long messages, being worried about my lifestyle and my „instability“. Or trying to manipulate me into a certain behaviour with their communication.

Again. I see it. I observe it. They are projecting their own experience. And that is it. I used to get reactive or at least reflective on what this is about. I used to be triggered. Now, it does not do anything with me. There is simply no resonance. No impulse to react or engage. Opinions, news, sides, being right or wrong, being entitled, injustice, violence, victims,…. I see it. I see the patterns and codes. I know why it is playing out. I just cannot connect to any of it anymore. Unplugged from the old matrix codes. Such freedom!

I see the beauty in it all. Such a big potential for everyone to collapse this polarity within themselves. By not engaging. By seeing through the matrix and its code. To end the game of endless loops that just keep manifesting and repeating when we choose „a side“. It is all meaningless, unless we give it meaning!

Neutrality is where it all collapses. That is when it all drops into the heart space. Only the mind is plugged into the matrix. The heart does not relate to duality. It only knows unconditional love. Oneness. Unity. We can walk through the world, without being of it. We love and see everyone without any conditions. We understand. We have compassion. We know.
No judgment, no blame, no conclusions, no consequences. Because in the end… it is nothing!

There is nothing for me to do but to be. I simply don’t have any personal interest in life anymore. No personal ego attachments. Life lives me, perfectly guided by the intelligence coming through the heart. It is so beautiful to know that everything is so perfect. I feel an inexplicable peaceful bliss while the old world I used to be a part of seems to be in complete chaos and fear.
All these struggles and fights for survival and for power. Earthly or spiritual – it matters little. It is the same backend, just a different narrative.

It makes me smile how we are all distracting ourselves from our essence. How clever we have set up the matrix for ourselves, to keep pulling us away from where the magic happens. Within us. Here and Now. How simple it actually all is. Nothing out there is real. It is nothing but a big maze of stories we can hook into and engage in. All of it just serves one purpose: That we remember our essence, and we discover that we are just playing a game we got totally lost in.

We thought we needed to be someone, and have things and control things and people so that we would matter and survive. We needed to define ourselves through roles and possessions.

Our human, dualistic idea of abundance is so different from what it actually is. Living a rich life is not a life full with stuff, money and things. That is actually what blocks us from abundance.
A rich life is rich in experience. We are here to experience energy in form. We are experiencing duality, to overcome it. To remember Oneness.

Abundance means, we are always taken care of, and we always get what we need. That is hardly ever what we (our ego) want. But it is…. exactly… the experiences we need to remember. Breakdowns to break through. To master this game. To understand its dynamics, its algorithm, its codes.

All of our wisdom comes through experience. You can read and binge watch other players for years, and accumulate lots of knowledge, yet you will not have gained one single bit of wisdom. At some point you will need to walk, and actually play your own game, to get out of it.

Abundance… so many times I have been in situations, where I did not see any way out. I thought, okay, that’s it. Yet…. the game continues. The screen keeps moving. The plot comes to you when you stop trying to control the outcome. You always get what you need. And the less you try to control, the more magical it becomes!

The secret: You gotta go backwards to go fast forward. Direction is inwards!

When we truly return to our innocence. To our origin before any conditioning. That is when we start co-creating in new unseen ways. It is nothing we could imagine with our programmed mind. It goes beyond anything you would think is possible.
I look back with a smile. So grateful for this abundant life.

Keep playing my friend. It is sooooo worth it!