Our Expedition of brave Explorers discovering, researching and transpiring ABSOLUTIA as a new paradigm for an empowered society to live in, is embarking on several ADVENTURES. In turn, those fractalize further into MISSIONS. 

An ADVENTURE is a co-creative enterprise, based on inspirations and blueprints to prototype and materialize a specific part of the COMPASS. This is then transformed into our new form of society, ABSOLUTIA. 

A MISSION is a vital element, and fractal part of an ADVENTURE. It leads to the completion of an individual milestone to accomplish the overall ADVENTURE. Each MISSION adds more flow and form to an ADVENTURE and enhances  its materialization!

ADVENTURES can be materialized buildings, tools & toys, AArts, and new society principles such as economy, education, human dynamics, scientific research etc. 

There are many exciting ADVENTURES to be part of, and many MISSIONS to accomplish. 

You are able to engage by:

<< accepting a MISSION and contribute actively with your talents and wisdom

<< enabling an ADVENTURE and contribute with resources/coins 

Either will allow us to co-create with you and materialize an ADVENTURE as a beautiful and vital part for our new world. 

SOON you will find all the ADVENTURES currently running in the Expedition towards ABSOLUTIA: 

*Absolicious ART by Vadim Sadovski