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Welcome to life lived backwards to move forward! Once we wake up to our inner genius, everything becomes a beautiful paradox. We decided: These interdimensional paradoxes deserve to be fashionably expressed and worn with pride! 

We are the curators of the website, a home for the new geniuses remembering themselves. Recently we transformed the website into a living library in form of an intuitive tesseract. We’ve translated the feelings about a new world into the new Source Code (a base value system and base functionality) into a compass to navigate the new paradigm, and the overall blueprint with content to express the beauty of this new world, we call Absolutia. Always now, we continue to develop this absolicious new world on this basis, following our impulses and pauses, with ease, fun and playfulness. Most importantly, we love beauty. We know that the new beauty is what transforms the world. 

Humanity is shifting to a new genius human species with a completely different operating system, for which perhaps clothes and gadgets will be as stupid as chairs. Yet, today we are still wearing shirts and jackets. 

We are designing (mostly in and new beauty aligned with the frequency of ffmovement and beyond. We are making it available for everyone through the Absolute Backwards store. For you to wear, or to use. 

Yes, use them too! Instead of copyright, you have the right to copy. This is not to make money, this is to spread this vibe far and wide, speaking to the subconscious of people we encounter. Please feel free to edit or remix the designs in your way. Yet, they carry the frequency of unconditional sharing. They are not here to be applied for commercial use or profit. 

There is nothing to hide. Backwards was born during a shrooms ceremony in Sedona (Arizona). Agustí asked in his intentions “To see the New Beauty”. Jewels, who participated in the ceremony said: “Why are all of you sitting on chairs? Chairs are as stupid as fears!”. In that moment, Agustí felt like Andy Warhol, and decided that the sentence “Chairs are stupid as fears” was the spark for a higher dimensional collection. This was the second and last time of shrooms in our life. The wisdom and essence of the “plant” was integrated. 

Since then, a lot of new quotes and designs came to our non-ordinary life. We were compiling them, until we felt that it was the moment to share them with the world.

There is a new attitude on this planet. This new attitude defines a new human species. A species that thrives instead of survives. No more fears, no more plans, no more conditions, no more codependencies, no more separation. Only unconditional love. 

Beyond duality, this new human species walks the earth as human genius. They are not special, they are not better, they are just different in the way they operate, as their heart center is wide open, and their intuition in the lead. 

If you are shifting too, into such a Human Genius, and you need some apparel to match your frequency, then Backwards might have some beauty in store for you! 

Curious about the origin of the name “Absolute Backwards”? Then we invite you to go on an explorative quest to decipher it by yourself:  the game map

FEAR LIMITS YOU Unisex denim jacket / Threadfast Apparel 370J

REMEMBER Men’s Letterman Jacket Sport-Tek ST270

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*Absolicious ART by FLY:D