The trajectory of our ascension has changed. We can all feel it. The day has finally come when we go beyond the butterfly. 

Throughout this journey, the butterfly’s profound transformation has been an apt description of our process. The creature’s explosion from cocoon to winged being has been the goal, the completion. Now we see that this emergence is not an end but just the beginning. 

To the butterfly, the old caterpillar “self” is a distant memory, a past life that can hardly be recalled. The cocoon was the centrifuge, spinning away the dross and dissolving what no longer serves. The butterfly spends no time searching for the empty shell of that old home, it simply flies on knowing that part of self is disintegrating forever. 

So what’s beyond the butterfly? Here the journey truly begins, untethered by gravity or life “in the weeds”; beyond the insatiable hunger for more and more and more. The butterfly now seeks beauty – the brightest flowers to dance between and nourish from. It flies high and far in days of sun and knows to rest in days of rain or wind. It follows a journey not by map but by intuition and instinct. It’s drawn by a magnetic pull that mirrors the migration of not one, but millions. 

For monarch butterflies, their journey takes them to Mexico where they are joined by their tribe, countless stunning orange rays of light who have shared the same cycles of growth and transformation. They’ve come home. Together, their gentle hum cuts to the core of the earth, transforms a heavy world into one of magic. 

So we now gather. From every corner of the earth, we are drawn as one, in a beauty that transcends description and multiplies in ways “one” could never do. The new is here. The golden era of unity. Together. Beyond the lonely butterfly.

By Harmony Verna

*Absolicious ART by ipicgr