Reflections on five months of a Community Embodiment Experiment 

„Community is nothing we thought it would be“. (Lawrence Wendell)

11 brave humans (you know who you are, beautiful peeps), and four brave dogs were part of an incredible experiment called Camp Freedom. An experiment to live and love unconditionally in alignment with the Source Code (a set of values and a common ground and understanding of what it is to live life unconditionally in community). An experiment to live as one superorganism, without any man made rules, laws, fixed concepts, or schedules.  A learning that is purely based on experience.

An experiment that brought so much growth and learning. An experiment that will continue to evolve in different ways, as each participant carries the essence of it all on into their further experience.

So much laughter, joy, pain and tears went hand in hand, as we moved forward together into the unknowable, exploring a new dimension, discovering new ways of co-living and co-creating. It took a lot of guts to take part, and to not just run away when it got too uncomfortable. 

Looking back, it seems to be the most obvious thing, that we needed to start the community experiment as a nomadic camp, moving from public ground to public ground, sleeping in tents, cooking on campfires and living outdoors full time. That way, we did not start creating from a place of need  for security, shelter, food etc for survival. We were invited to go back to the basics. A simple life, finding the magic in the ordinariness of simplicity and nature. Not only the dogs, but also we were undomesticating and rediscovering our wild and beautiful essence.

Plus: There were no distractions, such as taking care of land, building structures and things, planting food etc… no distraction from the most important ingredient for a new paradigm of unconditional community: HUMAN individuals and the DYNAMICS between US, as well as our alignment on a new energetic frequency level, from separation to oneness. We were all faced with our inner demons, the mirrors we held for each other were crystal clear, and not always pleasant. Nevertheless I am sure that we’d all agree that none of us would have wanted to miss this experience. 


If it came to a summary of what the basic ingredients are, I would use the following words: 

Freedom, Responsibility, Respect, Compassion, Radical Honesty, Sharing, Trust/Intuition, Acceptance. (You can find much more detail in the Source Code)

TRUST everything is always perfect. We always get what we need for our expansion, that is very often not what we want. We know when we follow our intuition and impulses, no matter how crazy it seems, it is what is needed for our own evolution. This includes to have no expectations and being open to any possible outcome. Knowing it to be exactly what is needed for our expansion. 

RADICAL HONESTY includes clear communication on how we feel, what we agree with and what our clear boundaries are. Instead of making assumptions, and going down a rabbit hole, we ask for and we provide information as we know that nothing is personal. This way, our complete body and the whole organism learns when we actually interdependently share energy to amplify each other, or when we co-dependently suck energy and drain each other. Expressed boundaries and clear yesses and nos are necessary, until our energetic boundaries are established naturally.

SHARING includes sharing our feelings, our perspective, our creativity, our talents, gifts, resources. Nothing and no one is valued over another. There is no comparison, competition, trading or barter. There is a deep understanding of being an aspect of the overall organism, and that unconditional sharing automatically creates a thriving for everyone.

COMPASSION for everyone around us and for ourselves includes unconditional RESPECT. This expands to our overall reality, and everyone in it, including the cashier in the supermarket, the grumpy neighbor, the dude in the car in front of us, the president of the United States, the Founder of Microsoft, etc.  ACCEPTANCE is vital. Acceptance of where everyone is in their life experience, accepting ourselves when we deliver a trigger to someone, and when we play angel and devil for each other – as long as we act from the heart and are not intentionally trying to hurt someone, or seek revenge.
It is the awareness that every single being in our reality has a pure heart in their core, which is covered with multiple layers of conditioning. With acceptance comes gratitude for the challenges those other aspects of the ONE organism (suffering from amnesia) provide for us and our own evolution.

FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY (Response-Ability) go hand in hand. The moment we expand beyond our physical individual being into the awareness of being a vital part of a much larger organism, we automatically treat everyone and everything around us as part of ourselves. We realize that every act of an individual has an effect on the whole. We are free to fully embody our essence and what is natural to us, while feeling a natural responsibility for the whole. Responsibility means full ownership of our own feelings, (co)creation, experience, as well as community space and resources.

This includes the knowing that nobody can make us feel anything, unless they resonate parts in us that create the feeling in the first place.
Responsibility means owning what is right in front of us. It is acceptance of what is, not wanting it any different although it might be very confronting and painful in the moment. 

Responsibility means treating everything that is available to us as if it was our own (as a part of us), with presence, love, care and appreciation.

Responsibility can mean compassion on the one hand, it can also be a clear boundary and “no” on the other – when an unconscious part of the organism is triggered, and is hurting the collective. It is a fine line to walk. Key is the awareness that we all have our blind spots with these unconscious parts, and accepting the invitation to look even deeper when we are triggered, and we feel hurt. In contrast, with each judgment, with each projection, with each finger pointed, we attack and hurt ourselves, and we prevent the alchemy into true liberation and inner peace from happening. 

Responsibility for our organism/the whole also has a large effect on how we take our decisions. We no longer seek advantage for our little self, we intuitively and automatically take the decision that is for the greatest good for everyone, every single aspect of US. It is challenging to let go of ideas of communism or democracy, including of human ideas around justice and fairness that always end up in more and more rules, laws and control mechanisms. That is not how natural dynamics work. Going beyond that means fully trusting that each individual cell of the organism has all information available at all times. Paired with its emotional intelligence, there is no doubting of the choice we make. 

Distortion of our INNERstanding is caused by unconscious aspects we have not seen and integrated yet. They are attached to belief systems, and the disempowerment of co-dependency – be it an attachment to people, to a currency, to a system or to a story. It is tempting to fall into ego-excuse patterns of why we are acting in a certain way, justifying our behaviour, because that is just how we are wired, and/or attack others for defense, and/or calling out „bullshit“ of others, to not have to look within.


Intuition comes straight through the heart. It is simply an energetic pull in a certain direction. A clear impulse we follow. Emotional intelligence with a deep knowing that’s right for me, without any doubt – although it might contradict the common understanding of moral of the dualistic society, and how things are handled and done in duality.

Our emotional intelligence can only come fully online, when we 

1) accept our feelings and emotional state of being fully as an energetic experience, without judgment or blame (towards self or others)

2) learn the mastery of alchemy by realizing the transformational power of emotions, by feeling our feelings without any story attached and with it seeing triggers as a gift,

3) have the awareness that hightened emotional states provide more potential and momentum that can be redirected into creativity/construction (instead of destruction).

Intuition often is distorted by our conditioning. It can easily be confused with the “gut feeling”, which is nothing but a physical amplification and reflex to the amygdala (the amygdala is the seat of our reptile brain/ego/programming of survival (fight, flight, freeze, appease). In a larger/multidimensional sense, it is our center of motivation. We can be motivated out of fear/lack (extrinsic), or we can be motivated out of joy/inspiration (intrinsic). 

With every process of alchemization through emotions, we rewrite the amygdala – and with it our source of motivation shifts. At some point, our amygdala/mind, and our gut feeling align with our intuition/heart. The result is a full body intuition, felt in every fiber and cell of our being. That is our emotional intelligence to navigate without any doubt. That is when we stop looking outside for any answers, because we just know that we always know what we need to know in the moment, and that we don’t need to know the future or rely on the past. 

Intuition (intelligence) is simple and spontaneous in the moment, a deep inner knowing. The mind (intellect) is complex and operates based on future scenarios and past memory in order to make a clever (rational) decision. While intuition opens us up to new unknowable ways, our intellectual mind will always go back to what it already knows to keep us in a duality loop. 

Intuition is found in zero-point, where empowered feminine (flow, chaos, compassion, nurturing, introspection, patience, receptivity, dedication, spaceholding, being), and empowered masculine (valor, direction, action, focus, structure, organizing, commitment, structuring, knowing) are in full equilibrium, co-creating seamlessly. 

We all need to learn to walk it alone completely, without needing, depending on, using or abusing others. We need to break through any attachment, belief, or co-dependency based on duality. Alone, we need to hit that point of exhaustion with duality and its old structures of power, fame and fortune/money. The point when we whole heartedly let go of any of the old ways, rules, and laws. We are simply done. And we fully immerse into trust and faith and let our heart take over. When we find full comfort in aloneness, ordinariness  and nothingness. When we truly operate from the inside out and are no longer influenced and pushed out of equilibrium by any outside distractions. 


It is the moment of a complete death. When we physically die, we take nothing with us but our essence. Non of our achievements, physical possessions, stories/narratives or loved ones come with us to cross over through the eye of the needle. We don’t take anything of our outside reality with us, the movie that we created for our own good and evolution in this lifetime.  

Now – this movie includes all the spiritual belief systems and stories, we are very often not aware of. The spiritual ego loves those narratives, because we feel we know the truth, we know and see more, we are enlightened, we have superpowers, we are on a mission to activate people and gridpoints or to fight the dark and evil forces, and we look down on all these unawakened sheeples. The spiritual ego develops an arrogance, and with it more separation. Be it between awakened/unawakened, between light and dark, the chosen ones/he lightworkers and the masses etc. Here we go again, playing power, fame and fortune/wisdom/enlightenment.

It takes a lot of courage, awareness and discernment to regognize and accept this conditioned aspect in us that operates on exactly the same duality pattern (co-dependencies, lack, conditional thinking and acting) as before. The moment we see it, we can transcend this separation, and experience true oneness with all. 

All of a sudden, we see that everyone is an aspect of US, exploring different parts of duality for the whole, to provide the wisdom gained in this experience for everyone to benefit from. People we meet are nothing but echoes of US. It is tough to accept and embrace especially those that are disturbing, annoying and hurting. 

Physical death usually occurs when the body is too exhausted or worn out to continue. The body/hardware stops functioning, our soul leaves, and chooses to continue the journey in another vehicle/incarnation. 

Physical death can also occur without the soul leaving the body. The body dies in parts and birthes in new parts with a new structure, adapting to our new frequency. We return to our innocence, freedom, playfulness and aliveness, step by step. The point of origin, the purity, from where we can create in completely new – to the human mind unknowable ways. 

Getting back to our innocence is an often very confusing and very painful process, as deepest layers of trauma are released that cannot cross over with you. At the same time we have all kinds of strange body symptoms and pain due to the restructuring that randomly come and go, combined with strangest cravings one day, and feeling puky and sick the next.

In parallel, our ego and our physical body memory fights hard for survival, it wants us to go back to known ways. It wants stability and a feeling of being safe. The ego/conditioned mind as well as the carbon-based body structure was designed as our navigation tool for duality after all. In order to leave duality, and access and co-create a whole new paradigm of unconditional love and oneness, we need to keep overwriting the fear programming in every single cell to actually unlock the true inner freedom we are. We learn to go into the direction where the resistance is felt, knowing that is where the door to true liberation is. 

We learn that emotional and physical triggers are true blessings in disguise, as they invite us to alchemize and transform the energy, and with it our reality to a completely new experience. 

It is also a natural part of the process that we find ourselves left with nothing but our essence. Stripped naked, no possessions, no people left – so we can experience the miracle that life always has our back and continues in magical ways, although our intellect ran out of ideas how to solve it or save us.

All of these reflections are my personal take away and learning from the experiment we called Camp Freedom. I am in awe for what we have co-created and how much we have discovered about this completely new world. 

Camp Freedom has shown to us the amazingness of what is possible, as well as where we have still limited ourselves. We have experienced what it means to be a learning superorganism, and that we are in community no matter if we are physically together or a-part. 

We have all been infected with the new.
We all knew it was the moment for us to move on in different directions for now, with deep respect and gratitude for the shared experience. 

I love and appreciate US so much. 


There are two flowering trees standing next to each other. Their branches are intertwined, and their fallen petals blend together on the ground in their beautiful colors. It is as if heaven and earth are bridged by love. But they stand individually, each rooted in the soil in their own connection with the earth. In this way, they represent the essence of true friends, mature, easy with each other, natural. 

There is no urgency about their connection, no neediness, no desire to change the other into something else. 

When you are ready for the passage into the quality of friendliness, you may notice that you are no longer interested in all kinds of dramas and romances that other people are engaged in. It is not a loss. It is the birth of a higher, more loving quality born of fullness of experience. It is a birth of a love that is truly unconditional, without expectations or demands. 

First meditate (be present in the NOW), be blissful, then much love will happen on its own accord. Then being with others is beautiful, and being alone is also beautiful. Then it is simple, too. You don’t depend on others, and you don’t make others dependent on you. Then it is always a friendship, a friendliness. It never becomes a relationship, it is always a relatedness. You relate, but you don’t create a marriage. Marriage is out of fear, relatedness is out of love. You relate; as long as things are moving beautifully, you share. And if you see that the moment has come to depart  because your paths separate at this crossroad, you say good bye with great gratitude for all that the other has been to you, for all the joys and all the pleasures and all the beautiful moments that you have shared with the other. 

With no misery, with no pain, you simply separate.