I feel so inspired to write this morning. I can feel it all coming in. An energy of quick, intense and unexpected movements. We will be shown that we know nothing.

We are witnessing such an incredible shift, which really is an inner individual shift. That is exactly the key: Witnessing. No matter what happens on this outside screen you are perceiving as your reality, you always have the choice to get sucked into the distraction (the narratives of the matrix) with your mind, and continue to project your fear to control the situation, or you can just witness with an open heart and remain fully present with the uncomfortableness you feel and breathe and relax into it.

2021 will bring a lot of unrest, turmoil, unexpected curveballs and huge collective triggers. It will be chaotic and messy for those that get sucked back into the matrix. It will be ease and flow for those who can remain fully present, not giving their power away to the outside reality.

Source (all of us, on a higher level) is only interested in one thing: Our empowerment to make way for a completely new way of co-existence – in alignment with the universal laws. Therefore, all that is disempowering and is reaffirming the current belief systems about „how this world works“ will be removed to no longer offer a resonance field based on conditional thinking and co-dependency. Any attachment we might hold (consciously or unconsciously) will be triggered for us to collapse it within and transform.

When we are fully detached, we are able to hold space for the whole collective. We needed to die to the old world and to all the co-dependencies in order to learn through experience that “the bullets are not real“. No matter how hard it got, life just continued in the most magical unexpected ways.

2020 has been the best and most incredible year of my life. I know it sounds like a paradox. And it was. While the whole world was shut down, I experienced a freedom and empowerment like never before. I spent time in nature 24/7, I slept under the stars in the desert, in forests, on mountains and by the sea. I locked eyes and had telepathic conversations with spiders, snakes, bears and many other animals. I bathed in rivers, lakes and seas, I walked through valleys and climbed mountains. I cooked on and danced around the fire. I experienced an abundance like never before, and – it had nothing to do with money. It had all to do with a shared experience with people, nature and the universe. I felt and still feel the oneness with and of all.

I was able to let go of all linear, conditional ways and reconnect to the natural cycles. Conditional fear driven responses and judgments were overwritten constantly by a deep inner knowing of the perfection of all there is. I became the spaceholder for my physical body and muscle memory, as old data released, and the body freaked out.

I no longer am of this old world. I can walk through it, but I am not in it. I can observe, I can hold space, I can listen – but I cannot engage in any old programming. I cannot be in the past or future. I can only be here and now, following the flow and impulses of life.

Yes, it was a chaotic, a messy, an uncomfortable and a very challenging year. It stripped away everything I thought was real. I was left empty. I became nothing. A blank slate. I found back into zero-point. Into the heart. I would not want to change anything. It has liberated me, it has empowered me, it has shown me the new world.

Empowerment is not what we think it is.
Freedom is not what we think it is.
Community is not what we think it is.
Co-Creation is not what we think it is.
Technology is not what we think it is.

For non of it is based on our old ways of linear, conditional thinking.

The glimpses of community and co-creation I got were beyond magical, and I know that we all need to be liberated completely from all our beliefs, before we can open that gate into this new paradigm. New technology will not be available until we are completely detached from old conditional ways. Until we don’t have any personal interest in anything. Until we have no agenda, no attachment to a certain outcome, no expectation.

We cannot force this gate open – it opens the moment we are completely free. Completely empowered. Completely naked and vulnerable. Completely re-connected to universal laws and dynamics. The eye of the needle allows nothing to pass but your unique and beautiful essence.

I can only encourage you to welcome the uncomfortableness, welcome the challenges, the situations with seemingly no way out. Let go of any strings you might have attached to anything! Let go of trying to handle things in the old, known ways. Find rest in your heart, be the eye of the storm that is taking place around you, trust yourself as the creator you are. You are so much more than you believed to be.

Dance, cry, scream, laugh and sing with all creation while your body prepares for a completely new, fresh experience. Let yourself fall into the arms of the unknowable and let love embrace you with all of its intensity. Love is not here to prevent your pain, it is here to let you feel it and transform it. Love is not here to make you comfortable, it is here to shake you up, to break you down to empower you to break on through to the other side. The more you open up to love, the more you remember that you ARE love and the rest has been just an illusion to distract you from YOU.

*Absolicious Art by AndyFaeth