Enough, finally.

I was always,
wanting to be understood.
Who not?

I shared a lot my vision.
Extremely a lot.
In every corner of the planet.
And in any situation.
You know me.

I realized that most of the time I did it
without anybody asking for it.
I do not apologize.
I know I did it for the enthusiasm that the vision makes me feel, and with the vitality that I feel when my compass leads me towards that vision.
And yes, I always wanted more people on board to play together.
Who the hell wants to play alone?

Lately I found myself depleted of vitality,
and I realized that I was focusing my aliveness in things that where not what I am here to do.

Obviously you can’t fuck it up,
not a single day.
So all that I was doing was necessary to learn (in a deeper way)
what happens when you not put yourself first,
and when you are waiting (again) for the perfect conditions.

If you are waiting to be ready,
You never will be.
If you don’t take a choice,
choices will be taken for you.
Do not complain anymore,
at least do not complain to me,
I am already living a fucking crazy life,
and I was repeating here and everywhere
for long enough,
that everything in life is about attitude.

Obviously everybody has the right to be lost.
Just a year ago, I was lost, too.
And to be lost is an incredible opportunity,
to explore all the possible directions,
that you want to repeat, or not.

But being lost isn’t and it will never will be,
an excuse for sitting in the comfort zone,
waiting for an outside change.
Life is,
and it will always be
inside out my dears.
Free will does exist,
It’s just fucking hard.

When I am trying to remember, if anybody ever truly asked me for my vision, and then listened openly, I could say that I cannot recall almost anybody.

Few exceptions.
You know who you are.

Yes, some people asked me about it. Especially when they thought that we have the same dream or a shared dream how they call it nowadays. These people mostly wanted me to co-create, or more exactly, to me stop doing what I crystal clearly carry inside, and instead build their (not crystal clear) dreams, for them.

Lluis, a long time friend of mine, once told me that I should write a book about how to live a life by always following your dreams.
I can’t.
Because I don’t follow my dreams.
What I am doing is what is in my code,
my genekeys,
and I am executing it with my attitude.
No matter how many books you read about the how to live a life like this,
you have it (pre-installed in your DNA),
or you don’t.
Just read your genekeys.
It’s perhaps the only book that you need.

What I am doing instead of following my dreams,
is following a vision.
A vision that with time always evolves,
and becomes more clear.
Or to be more precise,
with time I understand better.
And then I put my heart in to this vision.
And if you truly know me,
I am not a half-hearted person.

Passion is the fuel that makes me have an unseen vitality.
Passion to discover “how to” make it happen, the vision, is what gave me the experience of how NOT to do it, and how NOT to repeat others errors.
Passion and 20 years of following my intuition and my heart NO MATTER WHAT,
makes me today say that I am full of joy
to have a pretty complete template,
on how to create  a new civilization
where people can THRIVE,
live unconditionally,
play like kids,
and have insane tons of fun.
The age of innocence.

I am done with asking for help to execute it.
I am doing waiting for people to be ready.
I understood that “I” was not understanding
that its not meant to be outside in.
I was still waiting for people to be ready,
because people means sources & resources,
that is what I learned in the survival world,
that is mandatory to create anything.

But that is not the NEW way.
The vision carries the force of involution,
And my daily life,
perfectly without mistake
IS the force of evolution unfolding towards it.

In the past I was drawn (magnetised)
to the people that said
that we have a shared dream.
I was ALWAYS open to them,
no matter in which stage they were.
No matter in which field they were focused.
I ended up always sucked empty and pushed out of their life.

I am done with the dreamers
that all they do
is talking about it.
With no development,
no structuring/design,
and most important of all;
Not literally walking towards it,
with real focused actions
for lean learning.

Enough of shy dreamers.
You cannot make an omelette
without cracking first some eggs.

You mustn’t be afraid of
dream a little bigger darling
Because if your vision doesn’t scare the shit out of you,
it is not the one that will excite you enough to walk every fucking day towards it.

I was disappointed with others.
But there is NO “others“.

In fact I was disappointed with myself,
for waiting for others.

Almost nobody decided to walk with me towards the same vision, with passion, enthusiasm and focused commitment, after taking a look at the Absolutia template (the vision), or the NeoGeo Foundation (the how), or The Paradigm Shifters (the sources & resources wormhole and a fresh innovative unconditional way of philanthropy- yes I am saying that all the philanthropists that I met until now are conditional, and it’s not personal, it’s programming).

The few that tried to walk the vision of Absolutia, they give up sooner than later. I cannot blame them. Because it is not about the outside vision that we try to catch!! Absolutia is inside and therefore you cannot reach it without FIRST transform yourself, your player, into a totally different one, ready for the fresh new game.

You cannot experience a whole new dimension when your daily life, focus, habits and game you play, is the old of separation, mistrust, judging, blaming, scarcity and survival.

And transformation means that you will live a life of trust and unity the moment you will own your reality (it is predestined when it will happen and then all that is necessary is ATTITUDE), and you will realize that the separation, mistrust, and so on, was always inside you. Therefore when your ATTITUDE is to START ACTING differently, your reality (frequency) will shift, and you will move to the next/level dimension.

You cannot see any fresh vision,
until you are ready to look at the new window
that will appear in front of you,
closer and closer with every day,
of your shift/transformation.

While doing a coffee with Vera this morning
I just realized one more thing! Jeez!!
We are pioneers.
And leaders in a new way of leadership.
If we are truly pioneers
exploring an uncharted dimension,
how the hell we can expect that people
can grasp/refer to what we are discovering?

Yes, you can resonate.
You can feel our excitement.
Your DNA/genekeys already know that THAT IS THE (scary) WAY for you too.

But we are not guides.
We cannot lead you with a rope and walk in front of you up to the peak and back to the basecamp.
At least that is not at all my task.
And I feel nobody’s task too.

We are exploring and mapping that new world/way/life, and sharing it like a radio station.
It is only about you to decide to stand up and dance this fresh rhythm.

I am remembering now
(It helps that Vera just shared with me another message that somebody else just sent her)
how many people texted us,
or sent us videos and voices messages,
or told us face to face, and heart to heart,
that we are a unique fountain of inspiration for them.
And that with our unseen way to live our life,
we already help them in the steady transformation of their ordinariness, and to realize the baggage that they are carrying around that holds them back, to truly be themselves in an expansive way.

Yes, your life is either expanding or contracting,
Its not an opinion, it is entropy, it’s a law.

So yes, as pioneers we are already a reference,
Not for everybody (yet),
but for few.

The few that matter.
The other potential imaginal cells.
That tune into the frequency that we ripple,
and with attitude
they dance the fresh melody.

So not a single gram of energy
was ever wasted.
It can’t, my dear Émilie du Châtelet.

Now that I rebuilt myself,
I choose to continue walking towards
the Absolutia vision.

And if one day you are close enough to smell it,
or to feel it literally with your heart,
You can ASK ME,
And I will share all that we already discovered
of that new dimension.
Truly unconditionally.
Because in that dimension,
there is no other way than unconditional.

The game map that we published some months ago is coming stronger and stronger in my presence. I need to remember how it works and therefore, with every human interaction in my reality, learning to be more and more multidimensional, without compromising myself. That means do not expect peaches from the lemon tree.
If I do so, it’s my fault.

I am sitting with my body depleted of energy,
It hurts, this sensation in every cell of me.
Pain always show us the direction.
I cannot repeat what depleted me.
You cannot do the same and expect different results.

I will do it differently from now on.
I am focused on thriving only.
I got my glimpses lately.
Only glimpses but
to the old ways,

To everybody that I met in my path/game:
There is a new me,
a fantastic version of myself.
You probably have a memory of me,
based on what I was when we met
in some level of this world game.
If you ever meet me again
in any of the new levels that I am exploring,
I invite you to rediscover me,
And perhaps with that curiosity,
rediscover yourself too.

Maybe now you are curious of what I am going to do now with the new me.
I am not lost anymore,
and energy is recharging me
from inside out this time.

An American family office advisor, that now is exploring new ways and approaches to philanthropy and conscious wealth management, once told us that the amount of new equity that we collected is truly unique.

So it is time to put this equity into action;
with “The Beyondables”,
with “The Paradigm Shifters”,
and with “NeoGeo”.

I am daring to be unapologetically
the new me,
back to business,
and this time,
doing it with trust,
and and open heart.

Sincerely Yours,

Agustí Sala.