FLOW is needed to keep our brave Explorers going and ensure the continuity of what has already been established and created. Part of the FLOW are fundamentals of daily life, such as human and animal food, gas, travel, running of the website and domains, wifi etc. 

As a FLOW AGENT, you are an integral part of the Heartbeat of ABSOLUTIA to make sure all nutrients and ingredients are provided for our Organism to stay healthy, happy and effective. As coins/currency do not exist in ABSOLUTIA, all of your bounteousness will be transformed into tools, toys and essentials for our absolicious endeavors. 

There are three ways of being a FLOW AGENT: 

PATREON: With joining our PATREON community, you sign up for a monthly coin sharing of your choice. Here, you receive all of our updates, discovery tales, and video transmissions in one place. You can also connect with ffellow explorers and adventurers in our absolicious online community.

MAGIC WALLET: You prefer anonymity for now, or you’d like to make a one time sharing to co-create absolicious magic? With donorbox you can easily share your coins with us and let the magic wallet transform them into fuel, tools and toys for Absolutia.

ABSOLICIOUS TOYS & TOOLBOX: Check out what our current necessities are for our daily exploration, and enhance our play and shared absolicousness even further.

To co-create a new, playful world, tools and toys are the most important ingredient! You can see here what we our current necessities are to continue playing and  creating Absolutia together with you! With this wishlist, you can surprise us! We won’t know that something was sent to us, until the package arrives 🙂

Of course, another option is to share the toys and tools because you already have it and you are not using it. If so – just get in touch with us through the INTERFACE. 

Either way, we will send you a personal unboxing video, and a video of the first time we use it. Wohooo!

*Absolicious header ART by Heikki Hide