Home. A simple word, yet so hard to find. Actually it is nothing you could ever find because it finds you, once you’ve let go of seeking. A paradox. Pure irony. That is when life begins and survival ends. HERE and NOW. It cannot be anywhere else or any other time.

You laugh and think “What a brilliant comedy it all is”, when you finally observe it with detachment from a healthy distance. Reminiscient of a Woody Allen film, so many twists and plot turns.  How many stories you’ve engaged in that distracted you from yourself HERE and NOW. Stories that pulled you into past or future. How much tragedy, drama and suffering you’ve created for yourself. How many people and things you chased and tried to change to be happy. How many times you wanted to buy happiness for yourself. Chuckling, you realize it is not about winning but about playing. Then you get it: Money can’t buy you (unconditional) love. You just could not see it until HERE and NOW. 

All of a sudden, here it is, that bigger picture. You break on through to the “other side”. Wow, this whole damn thing had only one purpose: REMEMBERANCE. Remembering who you really are. You’ve been playing a game in an incredibly clever maze that you’ve set up for yourself. Your own QUEST to find the holy grail. To re-discover your ABSOLUTE YOU. 

The whole SECRET: Home is inside, direction backwards is the way to go fast forward.

This is where the NEW GAME, the AGE OF INNOCENCE starts. A multi player game where you live your true essence and live unconditionally. Unlike the old single player game, the AGE OF SURVIVAL, which encouraged separation, competition, and selfishness.

Breakdown and Breakthrough go hand in hand. 

HERE and NOW a new LEGEND is created. 
HERE and NOW a major BREAKTHROUGH is happening. 

The AGE OF INNOCENCE is a whole new paradigm defining a whole NEW WORLD EXPERIENCE. There are many names for it – Paradise, New Earth, the Fifth Dimension, Terranova….

We like to call it ABSOLUTIA. A playful, fresh and unconditional NEW WORLD, beyond any human technology, progress or comprehension to date, way beyond “state of the art”.  A world, where we are absolute! Where our co-creations are absolute!*

*(Merriam Webster, Definition absolute: perfect, pure, universal)

ABSOLUTIA could look like an utopian phantasy world. That is exactly the Breakthrough. Beyond our current understanding of the world, beyond our ways of thinking. It’s what we have been taught is impossible. Our mind gets itself in the way. The only way to explain it is MAGIC. It is just too good to be true!

What you currently experience around yourself every day is probably dystopia at its best. This is what we consider the Breakdown. A breakdown of a world that has served its purpose.

Utopia and Dystopia are unfolding in parallel, not just two different perspectives, but two different event horizons of a black hole. Both are true and create the transition to a new world. As they say, History has a way of repeating itself.  We are seeing the same patterns that we saw, when the black death created immense chaos, destroying the old Feudal system and it brought a blossoming of a new era of beauty and light: The RENAISSANCE. Nevertheless – this time it goes even beyond that. We are not only shifting the experience of duality into a new narrative – we are shifting out of duality into unity! A new dimension to be physically explored!

HERE and NOW we are not saviors or change agents. It is impossible and frankly not necessary. The OLD WORLD of duality is already in balance. For every good, there is an evil. For each light, there is a darkness. For every hero there is a villain. For every poison, there is an antidote. Duality will continue to play out until it deconstructs itself, because it is no longer needed (i.e. we stop participating in it), and all which was intentionally separated reunites. The Universe always works in absolute perfection. It is nothing but the human (ego) arrogance that separates us from this simple truth and keeps the old loops of reality running for us.

HERE and NOW everything is accelerating. The NEW is emerging fast, unnoticed by most people who are experiencing the Breakdown live and in techni-color, full speed and scary as f*ck! Lol.

The inter-dimensional black hole sucks the OLD WORLD into deconstruction and chaos. A daily dystopia – the dying paradigm. With each atom of the OLD WORLD dismantled, it transforms its frequency through the black hole and becomes a particle of ABSOLUTIA. A daily utopia – the blossoming paradigm. 

The only choice we have is what we focus on: Dystopia or Utopia. Destruction or construction. Fight for survival and justice, or letting go and moving on. Do I continue to play and participate in the OLD GAME, or do I start playing a NEW GAME?

But know that you cannot play the NEW GAME as the old version of you. There are no shortcuts. Nothing can buy you a VIP pass to ABSOLUTIA. A transition from the OLD game with its items and currency is impossible. You can’t play Jumanji with Monopoly money. You can’t play a multi-player game with a single-player attitude.

Money might buy some tricks, but it cannot buy magic. Competition might give you the feeling of winning, but it will never let you truly succeed. Both keep separating what is supposed to reunite.

So we say thank you attachment to money and competition, Hasta la Vista, Baby!

HERE and NOW the transition is already happening inside of each one of us.
HERE and NOW the inner transition is reflected in our outside world in the collective.

As within So without.
As above So below.

HERE and NOW, Ready or Not, your life is being fast forwarded.
HERE and NOW you’re being pushed to your new destination.
HERE and NOW ABSOLUTIA is calling you.

Welcome HOME.

* Absolicious ART by Shubham Dhage