HOMECOMING – The End of the Quest

Written in January 2017, so aligned with the Gene Key 4 (Intolerance – Understanding – Forgiveness) transiting now… 

You can read and watch videos and listen to podcasts throughout your whole existence to find out how the universe works, how darkness and light interact, where we come from, why we experience what we experience and what the meaning of life is.

You can study quantum mechanics, astrophysics, all the religious teachings, conspiracy theories, astrology, numerology, and all esoteric information out there. And yes – this certainly helps discernment and the raising of your awareness and sometimes it can give you a short moment of some peace of mind.

But, at some point, you will come to realize, that this thirst for knowledge keeps you trapped in the same old loop of duality. 

So, unless you leave your head and open your heart to understand the language of energy and feel the truth coming through your own intuition,

unless you have recognized vulnerability as your true strength and key to transmute energies,

unless you have raised your own vibration to unconditional love and compassion,

unless you have stopped to search for your answers outside, and fully trust what you feel

you will always remain a restless seeker.

The search stops the minute you are fully anchored in self-love.

Then you are overflowing, playful and sharing your infinite abundance with all that is.

Then you have left your humanness behind.

Then you live according to the Universal Laws.

Then you go with the flow.

Then you have become a master.

Welcome home.

*Absolicious ART by Mirzet