What came first, the egg or the chicken?

What is first, a family or a home for the family?
Can a family exist without a home?
Can a home be such a place without a family?
For sure a house without life is not a home.

When are we ready to build a home?
When is the moment for such a decision?
What do we decide first, to create a family? 
Or to build a home for a future family?
Do we decide at all, or does the family simply evolve with us?

So what is fflock about?

Have you ever seen a flock of birds dancing together in heaven?
A bird stands for freedom and individuality. But the moment it joins a flock, the bird combines its individual freedom with collective responsibility. The birds of the flock become interdependent. To fly much further than he ever could, flying alone. 

fflock stands for the flock of humans living the Absolicious Life. Humans who have broken free and have found their independence. And are ready for more: To move forward in interdependence. 

The double FF represents the Fast Forward Movement towards Absolutia, an Utopia that truly becomes a reality, when we start to operate in an interdependent way. The perfect balance between freedom as an individual, and responsibility for the whole. 

For more on Absolutia and the Absolicious life, go to and find out why the Absolicious Life is so fundamentally different from the homo sapiens life, based on survival. 

fflock is about the same formula that rules

Purpose is key. It is the direction and reason to gather.
It is no longer the instinct of gathering for survival.
Neither it is the instinct of gathering to not feel alone.
It is true. Deeply ingrained in our DNA, there is the instinct to belong.
But that instinct can be driven from survival (fear) or from thriving (resonance).

Thriving is the Play. It is the Absolicious Life. 
A completely new way to live and dance on earth, where everyone can be their essence without compromise. 
This is only possible and accessible, when we have completely reinvented ourselves and our intuition.

People living this Absolicious Life are the fflock. 
These people are perfectly distributed around the globe.
Some of them are already meeting in the real world, and online too.
The fractal is reconnecting, and we are finding each other on our way home.
It is already happening, and there is no need yet for a physical place to gather and play. 

Absolutia is already landing, right here, right now.
Physical homes of the fflock are underway.  
Places for ffun, for augmented co-creation, and the experience of the 2nd Renaissance that the Absolicious Life will bring to earth by pure inspiration. 

fflock is also a place. An access to other humans living the Absolicous Life. A place to connect with the fractal. A place to confirm that you are no longer “normal”, and that you are by far not the only one living life backwards. 

fflock is also a place to explore and discover how to thrive after the embodiment of the Absolicious Life. Because after the transformation there is only thriving. And this is true heaven on earth.

fflock is a place to explore, discover and co-create, how, when and where Absolutia is landing. A place where, no matter your physical location in the world, you can engage and be part of this unseen human shift. 

The core of fflock is in service of this shift, and we are just creating this home-platform, beyond a social network, where everybody who resonates with the New Source Code can feel connected and engaged with effortless effort. 

After years of prototyping online and offline community platforms, it is crystal clear that humans gather around purposes by resonance. fflock is the virtual place, where you can sync with what resonates with your essence and people who dream the same dream. 

We share this home unconditionally. We are not its owners or leaders in a classic sense. Everyone here is equal but not the same. We are so happy to bring it to life to facilitate the fflock to gather in unity polarity. Your experience in this home depends only on you and your own frequency. ENJOY.

*Absolicious ART by Rhys Kentish