This quote by Don Bradley struck me with an epiphany.
Magic seems to be so far away sometimes, so impossible, because we think it is so extraordinary. Only few can do it. Yet… it is created out of the very ordinary, in the very moment. We just don’t see it because it seems so normal to us. We all have our unique and wonderful talents and gifts. We all are naturally good at something and love doing it. It is what we are designed to do. Like a cell in our living body – as part of a superorganism. We thrive when we do it, and it is totally effortless. We are all different, that is what is important in an organism. Most of us feel like total misfits and/or losers in the system and society of today. Because it does not appreciate diversity, it wants easy comparable numbers and performance reviews and indicators. The current system wants everyone to be a brain cell that is following the program to be a good working bee/robot in the system. It does not want you to be happy, it wants you to be efficient.

Magic out of thin air, instant manifestation is often misunderstood. Most people would think you just think a thought, or you just have a magic wand, and pouf: Your new house shows up in front of you, or your new car, or your new partner…. Sure, there are such moments – but is that really magic if it happened permanently? Would it not be superboring if we just created everything out of thin air like that? It might be fun for a week or two, but then? It feels pretty empty to me.

No, magic out of thin air in this new paradigm for me means we all get to do and share our individual magic full time! We only do what we love and by sharing and combining it with the magic of other individuals, we perform true miracles, that seem to be impossible to other people.

One example is the creation of our new playful and non-linear website (so nothing that is just copy/pasted or imitated from someone else, but truly original). Designing structure, creating content incl. texts, pictures, videos, setting up fun ways to invite more magicians to play together, bringing it online took in total 8 days and 4 people, sharing their magic and combining their talents. I have worked as a Head of Communications in the old game, and launching a new website took at least 6 months if not longer. For a lot of people what we did is absolutely impossible, for us it was normal. We did not even realize it was so magical, until we received the first feedback and reactions.

So, if we were able to come up with a website like this in such a magical way, what about co-creating the new paradigm, new infrastructure, new tools, new play, new events, new music, new everything? True magic happens when we co-create!

We all are magicians, we just did not trust our magic until now because we did not even see it. What seems to be magical to others, seems to be the most ordinary thing to us. Because it is so normal and effortless and easy for us to do. We don’t see our magic, but everyone else sees it in us. We are all practicing our magic every day, and it is our key to joy and contribution to the organism we are becoming, so we can all thrive and feel in a beautiful flow. We are all finding our way into a new, magical world, where we combine our magic to become even more magical, improbable, impossible and superinspiring.

Can you see your magic powers now?

*Absolicious ART by Mysticsartdesign