By Kay Proudfoot

Hello dear friends. I am excited to share what has been happening, that finally i am beginning to live my lifelong dream. That dream in part has always been to live more closely within the natural world. Some of my happiest times were living with my dear friend Sylvana in the boonies, a glen in the heart of Scotland. Mostly natural sounds except for the odd car or tractor, I always felt totally enveloped, nurtured by nature and just loved exploring the hills and bathing in the river and the last time the home welcoming was sooooo beautiful. At that time i did live in a house not a tent or yurt so not fully immersed but it was perfect then.

As we know we are one with nature, with all of creation, so our natural way is to live in harmony with it. And those of you who have known me for a while, know my deep, deep passion and love for this beautiful planet and how it has kept me going thru these past 20+ years of transformation. It has and still is my main source of joy.

I have been waiting a long, long time for this moment. The past couple of months i have felt more and more confined/imprisoned in a house and the old way of life boring, and the only joy was being in nature. It was becoming more and more unbearable and nothing to do with the restrictions we have been experiencing. And yet i was getting clear inner guidance that this was coming to an end and to trust, be patient and wait for the sign.

Each of us has to reach a point where we no longer have any desire to continue with the old world. It’s like we are broken down bit by bit and how is different for each of us as we are each on our own individual journey of awakening. Well that time for me is now and the adventure has begun.

It is all about trust and timing. When my dear friend/sister Vera and her partner Agusti arrived in the US in February i knew then that it was only a matter of time before i joined them. As shared before i have a beautiful connection with Vera which happened the moment we connected and then when she came to stay with me in England. Since then we have kept in touch and i have followed her on her amazing awakening journey both of us knowing that one day we would see each other again. And happy to share that that time is now here.

A couple of weeks ago the nudges and signs came and i jumped off the cliff, and even tho i felt a lot of discomfort, it was SO clear that it was time as EVERYTHING just flowed with total ease and grace. Within 3 days i was here in the US!!! Blew me away!One of their friends Cricket picked me up from the airport and i stayed with her for a few days before the 2 of us travelled 2 days from Minnesota, thru North Dakota, Montana, to a stunning place Lakeview in Idaho where we currently are. At the moment there are 5 human beings, Vera, Agusti, Tara, Cricket and myself and 4 furry beings Petit, Freedom, Shylo and Wilma.

Each of us human beings have reached the point of no return for the old world and ready/open to embrace the new, whatever that is. We are in unknown territory, following our hearts and learning to once again live in alignment with the natural rhythm of nature which takes some getting used to. This reminds me of a vision i had a few years ago. I saw at first just blackness. Then i could make the outline of trees, so knew it was night time in nature. Then a huge Stag gently walked out and stood in the centre staring at me. The message was very clear, a gentle luring into new adventures into the unknown which certainly applies to now.

Vera and Agusti have already gained a lot of wisdom in the past 6 months since arriving and exploring different areas of the US with other fellow adventurers, with Cricket and Tara joining them 4 months ago. I am the newbie!!!!! Not camped in 40 years even tho spent so much time in nature and already within 10 days here have gone from sleeping in a bed in the cabin to an air mattress and now sleeping pad in a tent and it is fascinating to observe how easily i am adapting as i just allow myself to flow. Just being in nature pretty much all day and night, bathing in the glacier lake where the water is crystal clear, sitting and sleeping under the night sky, with gentle warm sunny days is just AWESOME! I can feel so much already happening in my body and feel stronger too.

The dream for all of us is to live life true to who we really are, free to JUST BE , to come together and explore, co-create a new world whatever that is. That involves co-creating a new habitat when that place arrives. For now we are travelling as guided to various places and learning a lot about life, ourselves and each other, along with having fun.

Vera and Agusti first created an amazing website, – ABSOLUTIA (their name for the new world) a while back and now due to new beginnings, it has been redesigned and is one that is Absolutely unique and non linear. It is a fascinating adventure and exploration, sharing ALL sorts of things, inviting you discover more of who you really are, as you click on an image and go down the many rabbit holes that are available. Your inner child will delight in playing here even tho your mind may say WTF! Lol!!! I am still exploring it. It is most def NOT your usual website, something VERY different for it is part of the New World. So go and explore and let us know your experience.

Our aim is to be raw and real, bring people who resonate, joy, inspiration and the courage to take the leap, as we all continue to awaken to who we truly are and live life the way we were always meant to live, creating a new paradigm together.

I have been quiet for a while as i went thru a death of the old way and had no idea if i was even going to keep my FB pages. Now tho i know i will and from now on they are going to be dedicated to sharing our exploration and co-creation of this new world based in unity, and love, as we return to our innocence and playfulness of our inner child. Along with my personal experiences as i open up to an entirely new way of being. It feels exciting and at the same time scary but a knowing that this is my natural way and IT IS TIME.

The pics below are some of where we currently are. Stay tuned as the fun continues!!!! Much love to you all.

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