When I went live on fb last time,  I got overwhelmed by emotions. Although I was sitting there, sobbing, my nose running uncontrollably, I felt so held and comfortable with sharing myself this way. 

I felt no shame, I felt no drama as the tears were flowing, and I could release a deep sitting pocket of survival fear due to a hard winter coming soon without a shelter.

It was so unexpected and it was beyond beautiful to feel you all with me, and reading all the loving, heartfelt comments. 

I was able to competely relax into that fear, bringing myself back into the here and now, a beautiful indian summer with breathtaking colours on a wonderful piece of land in Northern Wisconsin right by Lake Superior. 

Due to our conditioning, we think emotions are something bad. I remember working as a Head of Communications in the automotive industry, and the worst feeling for me was to sit in a meeting and feeling tears coming up when I felt frustrated, not understood or attacked. So unprofessional! 

That is how we grow up. Emotions are something unwanted. They are a sign of weakness. A sign that you don’t have control over yourself and are not able to function and have your shit together. You’re just not tough enough. 

The experience I had with the FB live was completely different. I was allowing myself to be truly vulnerable no matter the consequences, and I could relax into being myself. There was not one single judgment I felt, all I could feel was people holding space for me and appreciating my honest sharing of what I felt while I was processing that trigger. I felt so connected, from my heart to yours. Not because I wanted anything from you. Just because we ARE part of the whole. We are aspects of each other, remembering.

Vulnerability opens hearts, vulnerability connects, vulnerability reminds us of our emotional power and intelligence. It is the universal energetic language beyond any individual or cultural conditioning expressed and embodied. Beyond the language of the linear mind.  We remember that we are all part of the one same organism. 

What I did online is what we are and do every moment in our absolicious offline community. We share, we  scream and cry, we hold space, we are radically honest, we don’t take anything personal, we celebrate emotions. We laugh, we play, we enjoy. We are a learning organism, aligning more and more. 

I know now: THAT is the new. When we talk about a new dimension, a new paradigm, a new way of co-existence, a new earth community. It is our return to our innocence. Our vulnerability. Our playfulness. Us being connected from heart to heart. 

It is not ecology/permaculture, it is not sustainability, it is not charity, it is not alternative education, it is not new technology, not new arts, not new sports, etc. All of the content comes by itself and effortlessly, when emotionally balanced people remember, reconnect, start co-creating and thriving. 

Although starting with the best intentions, if the alignment and reunion of people/aspects through  vulnerability does not happen, intentional communities automatically fall back into old conditional patterns of control and survival. They need to implement rules, conflict management, schedules, application processes, democratic or communist set up etc. Most approaches look into producing enough food and shelter first out of survival needs. Most of them look for a business model to create incomes to pay for the community expenses and growth. They try to build the new looking through the lense of duality and capitalism. 

That is not how an organism operates. In an organism there is no linear, conditional exchange. 

Most intentional communities lack a purpose that goes beyond just living together, following a certain school of thought, producing food and goods, sharing facilities, tools and food so it becomes cheaper for everyone to live. 

But what do you do there when you are not a farmer, a teacher, or a cook? 

Most communities are smaller bubbles of people who want to separate themselves from the rest of the world. They are mainly exclusive (conditional), not inclusive – and you need to share the same belief (be it spiritual, religious, ecological, political…) that the community grew around. It is separating itself from the whole. 

Thus, they don’t serve as a new model for a holistic unconditional society based on unity and diversity. 

In the old world, we are taught that nothing is effortless and you have to work and fight hard to make it. We learn that we are worthless without money, and limitlessness increases with the amount of money available. 

We learn that for every act, there is a consequence. Cause and effect – conditional thinking.

How would we understand that life can be unconditional, easy and playful? 

An unconditional community is inclusive, it does not actively decide who is part of it and who is not, it is not evolving around a belief, it is not exclusive. It is not about money or a currency. That does not exist in a healthy organism. 

An unconditional community does not plan, project or predict, it does not expect. 

It relies on energetic resonance and creates from moment to moment. It shares a vision and purpose, at the same time it is not attached to it or to a specific outcome, knowing about augmented co-creation. 

True limitlessness comes through liberation from deep rooted beliefs, not through big bank accounts or portfolios. 

It celebrates diversity in all forms and is evolving around a shared energetic frequency of oneness. It is not co-dependent, it is not independent, it is interdependent. 

The idea of an unconditional community seems impossible to the human mind as it is based on individual and collective intuition and full trust that each aspect contributes to the whole organism with their joy and passion exactly what is needed, and that each aspect is also provided by the whole organism with what they need so they can contribute effortlessly. No laws, no rules, no schedules needed. 

People who are doing what they love. Everyone is appreciated for who they are in their essence. 

People connected through their hearts.

The key is US, embracing our vulnerability and our emotional baggage that transforms into our emotional power – our full body intuition. We can’t experience joy if we suppress emotions we consider as bad or not appropriate. An unconditional, loving, playful and joyful world needs emotions free of judgment, drama or blame.

After the tears I shared and cried, and the emotional transformation following my FB live, the fear of survival (which was not related to death, but to the pain before dyingin that case freezing) is gone. 

I am right here, right now, moving from moment to moment. Trusting the organic growth of this new paradigm. 

Here in Absolutia, we are playing a lot. We play with what we have, most of the time, we are not focused on what we lack. We are not interested in surviving, we are thriving. 

We know the more people remember, join in, engage and share unconditionally, the more the organism and the new world grows. Not even the ice cold winter coming scares me anymore. I know it will be perfect. It always is. It is all about being okay with not knowing, and staying in the here and now. 

Every day we are playing. With wood structures, with cooking delicious firepit meals, with the neighbor kids, with the dogs…. Life is one big adventure this way. 

And yes – we often play out the triggers for each other to get the emotion within to the surface for transformation. It might suck in that moment, but on a deeper level, we appreciate it and know about the necessity of it for our liberation and embodied alignment in oneness.

With all of what we do, we are creating a new reference point for more people to relate and see that a whole different, beautiful and joyful way of co-existence is not only possible but real!