Notes on the way from Idaho to Glacier Park MT, Aug 31, 2020

Expectations are fears in disguise. The fear of not being enough, the fear of not surviving, the fear of not being able to do it on our own, the fear of having to ask for support, having to ask for respect, having to rely on others…

Expectations are conditional and are projected consequences/desired or feared results. “If I do this, then that happens”, “If you don’t do this, then this is the consequence.”

Expectations are not in the now. They are an attachment to possible future scenarios, based on past experiences or experiences of others.

The sibling of expectation is disappointment. The results of expectation (mental projection) and disappointment (emotional response) are judgment and blame.

Every time we feel disappointed, it is our preset condition/expectation not being met.

Every judgment or finger pointed afterwards is our coping mechanism to prevent pain, and to restore self-justice, self-worth and our integrity. To keep up and reconfirm our moral standards and beliefs. It might make us feel better in the moment, but nothing is transformed this way, and it keeps us in a loop.

It is the opposite of unconditional self-love.

Self-love is found in acceptance. Acceptance of the parts that are addressed in us when an expectation is not met and disappointment is felt. Acceptance that we created this situation for our own learning and expansion to transform the energy that is triggered for release.

Self-love is radical forgiveness for our own creation and seeing the perfection.

Self-Love is a letting go of any attachment to a future outcome.

Self-Love is the embrace of feelings that are coming up for expression, caused by an unmet expectation.

The only place free of expectation and disappointment is the neutral zero-point inside. Our inner peace and equilibrium. It is nothing that is established over night. It is a series of experienced unmet expectations and experienced disappointments that are embraced with unconditional self-love.

Decisions are made as long as there are expectations. When we are aligned with our inner core, and we are free of any expectation, we automatically follow the impulses coming through our intuitive, unconditional heart. That is when duality and with it any dilemma dissolves. That is when disappointment can no longer be experienced, as we see and feel the perfection in everything.

*Absolicious ART by 愚木混株CDD20