ORIGINS – Back to the Roots


by Joey, Theresa and Vera.

„Originality is a return to the origin.“ Antoní Gaudí

All of a sudden, it all became so clear. So utterly simple: In order to build something that has never been built before, you need to go back to the origin. 

After the complete death of identity and the crossing of „the eye of the needle“ things have developed in the weirdest, most unknowable ways. Everyone here is in awe by the perfection of it all, although it seems so imperfect to a human mind. Once there are no more mental constructs of the old world – be it earthly human or new age spiritual belief systems, and there are no emotional attachments left in any way – be it to people, to things, to places, to thoughts/beliefs, to your own life/survival, you experience an inner peace that cannot be disturbed anymore by anything. The moment we fully understand our creative power, and the interconnectedness between ALL, the moment we remember our essence and us as an aspect of the ALL, there is literally nothing anymore that can shock us, scare us, trigger us, get a hold of us on our mental or emotional level. The inner peace and unconditional love for everything and everyone cannot be disturbed.

And here comes the funny part. Not even our physical body is able anymore to trigger a reaction of our mental and emotional aspects! At some point, the physical body is taken out of its comfort zone, too – just as we had experienced it before on the emotional and mental level. Now, this does not happen in a linear way, we are always working on all levels, it just takes longer because of its density. We are certain now, after observing and experiencing it for ourselves, that we don’t go into the ultimate survival fears physically before we have anchored this inner, unconditional peace within us. 

This way, our physical body can complain, can throw tantrums, can claim action, can scream, etc – yet nothing happens, because the rest of us/our system does not react –  simply because there is no resonance. It feels almost schizophrenic, how you remain so calm while the physical body freaks out. 

It is so interesting to observe how the physical body is forced into a rapid transformation, a relentless breaking through resistance and a letting go of everything it was used to, to be safe, comfortable and cosy. A house, a bed, a shower, a toilet, a kitchen, a couch… 

It all disappeared from our reality. 

After a number of experiences we all had individually of building the new together with people who owned places and had resources available – the last one the four of us together in Colorado – we all were clueless in terms of what could be next. We all had learned many ways of how to not do it, and had all experienced, that our ideas, visions and concepts of a new earth continued to drop back into the old earthly or spiritual paradigms and their old ways of doing things conditionally. All we knew up to now was that another completely different way would reveal itself. 

„We did not know why we had this impulse and were actually following it.  „You can never see beyond a choice until you have fully understood it“, says the Oracle to Neo in Matrix Reloaded. This sentence has been cheering me on for a while now, when  heart said  spontaneously and out of nowhere „do this, go now, etc…“ resulting in another leap of faith that seemed completely illogical and insane to a human mind.“

Vera Mygdala

This one was no different. But this time, we were not alone. 

Joey one morning said „Arizona“. I feel I need to go to Arizona. A month before, Agustí already had had a vision of „the desert“ as a starting point for a new civilization. The place we call Absolutia. Limitless, free, unity, fun…. A world to live the absolicious life. Theresa – certainly to her own surprise – heard herself saying: „That sounds fun, let’s do it!“ Her physical body was not fast enough to protest and say „no fucking way! I am old, I am tired, I need comfort“. Agustí did not really have a choice because he was late for breakfast. And Vera could not believe that she actually said „heck yes!“ to another road trip, although all she wanted was to finally settle somewhere. 

So we all sat there with a big „WTF“, what are we doing? We could not believe that we were actually following that impulse. But we did. There was no choice, as our hearts and inner guidance were completely aligned. 

We packed up the car – four people, two dogs and our outdoor gear. Nothing but the essentials could come with us. 

It kept being surreal. Coming out here to the desert is probably not what any of us would have expected. None of us had come to the US to travel around. We were ready to root down and co-create. Well, roots and co-creation we got, but not in a way that any of us would have seen coming!

So, here we are. Doing dispersed camping as neighbors of the Red Rocks in Sedona. Sleeping through some very cold desert nights. Especially in the beginning, our bodies were in intense pain, were complaining, were very unhappy, and could not believe we were doing that to us, while our spirit was very joyful about this adventure. It felt like a final homecoming. A land where we could truly and freely start experimenting with community, structure, dynamics, far away from „old civilization“. So pure and simple.  

„The beliefs of your mind, the walls of your house, the streets of your city, the entanglement with the system/game that you are playing every day, are the cage of the child and artist you have inside and you were born to be. You can only rediscover them, when you dare to black out all of these things and old structures long enough, by being you as a star under the dome of a clear night sky.“

Agustí Abracadabra

Anyone who has been in Sedona knows about the intensity of this place. The iron in the rocks and in the sand intensifies the electromagnetic shifts and the integration of information from the earth. The veil here is thin to earth. The energy is so grounding, it almost pulls you into the soil. 

„It’s hard to believe it was only two months ago I arrived in the Colorado Rockies, on the heels of Vera and Agusti, who had flown in from Barcelona only a few days earlier.  Joey left Switzerland and made her way to us a couple days after me; the dogs Petit and Mr. Freedom arrived two weeks later from Brazil.  In many ways, I feel we have been family forever.  The sense of coming home to ourselves and each other is so natural, joyful, playful, and nourishing, I wonder if I’ll ever be able to convey the miracle of it.“

Theresa Tabasco

All there is is wilderness, birds singing, beetles and ants crawling, coyotes howling, cactuses stinging, the wind, the sky, the sun, the stars. Vastness paired with simplicity. It took a while to get used to all this peacefulness and silence. 

After three weeks, our bodies are finally calming down. They go through a lot of pain as old memory and stored patterns (the complete linear body geometry) release, and new information is integrated and the new organic body geometry is built. We can see each others physical presence and shape shifting every day. It goes so fast as there is nothing to hold on to here. We even look lighter. 

We are brought back to the origin. We are remembering everything we know about living in respect and harmony with nature and co-create with her. We observe, we learn and let her show us completely new ways. We listen to the elements, to the natural forces, to the plants, to the animals, we observe the structure, the flow, the cycles and are building this symbiotic community together. A small organism that is growing. 

„I’ve had many glimpses over the last five years (some more sustained than others) of living as a cell in the one body—where my identity is much more aligned with the one body than the cellular function.  But there is nothing like living this continuously.“

Theresa Tabasco

We can only arrive on the shores of Terra Nova / Absolutia alone—no one (and no attachments) can make the journey with us.  It is quite disorienting to wake up one day and barely recognize yourself.   Even familiar reference points become foreign.  And the foreign, seemingly overnight, becomes familiar.  

Absolutia carries the word „to absolve“ within. To be absolved is to be let off the hook, to be set free from a certain obligation or to be forgiven for a wrongdoing.  The Latin “absolvere,” which means “to set free,” is the root of the word absolve. It is what happens when you cross the eye of the needle.  

More people have joined in organically, after their individual crossing through that eye. Our camp and community has grown to 7 people and two dogs. They have come, not because we looked for them or called them to come. They followed their heart, too. Being called back to the origin. To be original. To be together. To share. To contribute with what they love. To discover, to pioneer and to live the absolicious life. Unconditionally. You cross the eye alone, after that comes unity. To go through this physical transformation and to start co-creating in community. We are learning how to find our new, organic structure and flow. Becoming a living human organism. To be able to co-live intuitively. Without rules, rituals or routines. With respect, with honesty, with reflection, with communication. And first and foremost: With so much fun! It is effortless once the body surrenders and resistance to simplicity is gone. It often—paradoxically!–feels more like One than many.  An unfathomably large resurrected heart, post-apocalyptic collapse. This feeling of oneness brings us to tears and peals of laughter regularly, as it is such an indescribable and overwhelming beauty. How do you describe delirious contentment?  One plum pudding and a mulberry of inside out.  

How does that look like on a day to day basis?

What we noticed pretty quickly out here is, the best place to root down and start off in a completely new way is to go back to nature, to the beauty of simplicity, to observe the way nature works, the way actual roots and organic structures work. Nature knows everything we had forgotten. 

Without the confining walls of an already existing building as a starting spot, everything that is considered normal in the human landscape has space to be rethought from the roots up. To be redesigned in beautiful and harmonious ways.

„A key moment for me was when I had the opportunity to take a shower in a hotel room, realizing how confining those walls felt to me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the shower very much, but to my own surprise, I looked forward to go back to the camp, sit at the fire pit, and sleep under the stars in fresh air.”

Vera Mygdala

The many limitations we first felt by being out here, turned out to be the initiation of our limitless nature.

It was here (wherever that is!) somehow, the six of us arrived in an uncharted land–our inner shores miraculously converging at the same physical latitude and longitude. In the American west.   

The “desert”, might sound empty, boring, with not much happening to the novice who has never come visit. Being here shows us it is the place where EVERYTHING is happening. Every single rock and plant and ant carries an intense wisdom in them. 

It is a pleasure to connect to the surrounding, to sleep in tents, slowly ground in and experiment with all the basics. What does it actually look like to start from scratch? What are the essentials we like to have out here for joy, pleasure and flow? How can we create them in an easy way? How can we create an intuitive structure for our slowly growing community to operate in an effortless and flowing way?

„All of these questions and more have space here to bubble to the surface and be explored in a playful way. The limitation turns into the blessing, less tools and resources, barely electricity and internet means you really need to get creative! It opens the door to new possibilities once you focus and take a deep dive.“

Joey Kaleidoscopia

After a rough start for Agustí to get accustomed to the new simplicity, he was the first one to jump with joy over his first earth fridge prototype. Until it got raided by a wild boar one night, and we upgraded to the next level. Now we have 3 perfectly working fridges out here folks, plus a wine cellar, all with zero electricity!

Next to all the practical fun, we are all still releasing old patterning which is pulling out like chewing gum from deep down in the cells. It is a magnificent feeling to be held in an empowered community like this, where everyone owns their experience, yet is holding space for each other. These cellular releases come out in different ways, but the common denominator is that they are not as quick as thunder as the releases from the emotional body that we are all used to. They come out more slowly, pulling step by step out of the cellular programs.

We are intuitively experimenting with different kinds of trauma release massage, supporting each other in this process, finding out what works best and in the most effortless way. Also in this, it is a coming back to simplicity, to our inner roots, to reprogram what does not serve our being anymore and release it to be replaced by a higher version.

So how can (what is left of) the conditioned body/cellular consciousness begin to orient in the unconditional?  Our gorgeous bodies – which have primarily known only linearity, cause and effect—are surfing the unconditioned, within and without.  We cannot start with anything we have previously known.  We start with our magnetics—the inner pole shift–and orient with the new field that begins to coalesce, seemingly out of nowhere.  I’d venture to say, in fact, that stabilizing the body consciousness in the quantum field cannot be done alone.  Because there is no such thing as “alone” in the quantum field.   The atom itself, previously thought to be the smallest particle of existence, is infinitely divisible.  you could call that space or you could call that unity.

„Though we’ve been settled outside of Sedona for a couple weeks, I’m still dizzy.  Motion and stillness have merged one into the other.  The entire physical hologram is so blantantly a projection of the Wizard’s light and sound show it regularly makes each of us laugh! Toto pulled the curtain waaaay back.  The animals know: we’re all Wizards.“

Theresa Tabasco

And what else are we doing out here? Getting creative, writing, revisiting our visions, living day by day, sunbathing, installing solar showers and building hangout spots, collecting wood, enjoying our beautiful fireplace at night, stargazing, trailblazing, amazing times in community and solitude, decompressing in this new inner and outer playground we have landed in, inventing “cocomberland” and more.

We can all feel it, a new kind of creativity and way of co-creation slowly coming in.

Everyday is a new adventure.

And… what is next? 

What is next is a feeling. We know this is the true and pure beginning. Completely detached from old ways and ideas. It is a strong feeling that true „free will“ (from our essence/heart) will be introduced, the moment the physical body has dissolved any old fear/identity based patterns (lack, greed, competition, separation, entitlement) that are not serving the greater good. We will unlock limitless physical co-creation, the moment we are the fully embodied pure essence of the Source Aspect we are. 

True free will meaning that completely new abilities, technology, tools and toys will be available, and we can freely choose and pick from what we want to co-create and play with from moment to moment for all of us to share, to enjoy, to thrive and to enhance our joint experience as human organism.



Out to the west of Lambert’s Cove
There is a sail out on the sun
And I’m on board though very small
I’ve come home to stop yearning

Burn off the haze around the shore
Turn off the crazy way I feel
I’ll stay away from you no more
I’ve come home to stop yearning

~James Taylor, “Terra Nova”