Unconditional sharing of life, love, joy, along with spaces, experiences, tools and toys is not only much more fun and fulfilling: it also enhances the quality of life for everyone on this planet. Playing together enriches everyone’s life experience in magical ways. Much more magic than we could ever do alone. And honestly, it’s just way more fun.

The principle of Shared Essence not only brings economy and ecology into harmony, it completely breaks through all limitations we had so far perceived in all fields of human society and behaviour. And with that comes real sustainability. A sustainability based on harmony with nature and the happiness of people, because we all can finally be who we are, and contribute in ways we love. Together we create the world of our dreams, writing new, beautiful narratives based on unconditional ways. One big shared adventure, which naturally evolves and grows with every person joining in, embodying and sharing their beautiful essence and dedication for a completely new lifestyle. Life becomes simply absolicious!

There are different ways to be part and take part in this shared adventure. Various missions are waiting to be accepted by brave explorers and creators like you – to co-create the world we all love to live in, from moment to moment – as we go.

We welcome all courageous individuals willing to step out of their comfort zone, and rise to the beautiful, adventurous challenges at hand. 

There are multiple ways to dive into the growing of an absolicious unconditional community – online and off. Because it is not linear and so multi-faceted, it is impossible to write it all down here. The only way is to dive in, explore what is already created and learned by experience, and join into the process of augmented co-creation.

That is why we felt the impulse to create a new virtual home for all pioneers and brave adventurers of the new unconditional paradigm, who are walking their talk and resonate with the new Source Code as the common denominator for our shared adventures essence. fflock is the landing and gathering place for all of us. It is commercial fee, it is membership fee free, censorship free, it is inclusive and it is transparent.

Let life twirl from your heart, and fflock together with all of us. We are the magic!

*Absolicious ART by Activedia