How does a new, unconditional paradigm based on this new Source Code look like? What exactly is “the new human”? What is an “empowered society”? The ABLAB (Absolicious Lab) is a living laboratory – observing, exploring, discovering, experimenting and documenting the findings and results from moment to moment in transmissions, discovery tales and a living library.

We know that nothing of the new looks like anything we have learned to be true in duality – in the old conditional paradigm. It cannot look the same – because the base coding and geometry is completely different. While the old was run on duality polarity (illusion of separation), the new unconditional paradigm runs on unity polarity. Non of the old was aligned with the way nature works. The program of duality was based on a linear, separating mindset, while unity polarity is based on a quantum, non-linear, cyclic perspective.

Human behaviour shifts as we no longer see each other as separate, but as part of the one whole organism we form together. Instead of competing with each other, we appreciate each other, our diversity and the contribution of each individual to the whole, without needing to put pricetags, hierarchies or labels on each other. Human evolution and transformation from conditional to unconditional understanding and behaviour (spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically) is the basis for all radically new approaches.

Economy is no longer separate from nature or provoking conflicting separation between nature and between human beings. The human invention (and illusion) of private property disappears. It no longer needs a limiting and separating element of a “currency”. Instead – a new system evolves: “Shared Essence” – a living organism seamlessly co-creating and co-existing, hand in hand and heart to heart. Economy and ecology naturally align.

Education no longer requires schools or universities as an institution where discipline, control and competition is fostered and everyone is being prepared to be a good working robot for the system. Instead a new form of education emerges: The “School of Life” – integrated into the daily life and activities of the individual within the overall society. We are learning by observing, exploring, experimenting, and experiencing with our full four-body-system (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical) instead of just with our mind. Floressentia is our proposal for this radically new approach.

Politics are a thing of the past. Democracy, Communism or which political system ever were created based on the code of separation, of entitlement, of control, of giving our power away to “others”, to keep a comfort zone and an illusion of safety and freedom alive. Non of those systems are found in nature/the universe. Politics needed to establish more and more human made hierarchies, laws and orders to somehow control the uncontrollable.
In this new unconditional paradigm, with full rememberance and embodiment of Oneness in place and our emotional intelligence and inner compass intact – individual and collective decision making processes are not necessary. We automatically know in the moment what is best for the overall organism – as we no longer act out of any “personal interest”. We start to follow the inner impulses instead of outside control mechanisms, knowing in the heart what is “right”, without fearing the consequences.

Businesses completely transform into suborganisms of the overall organism. There is no need for any business plans, shareholder value, job interviews, Key Performance Indicators, time based project management milestones etc. There is no more limiting competition between businesses – instead – there is limitless co-creation – because the two limiting factors of a currency and of competition are gone. When we no longer act out of lack, greed/a personal interest – there is no need for illusionary separation, there is no need for production just to sell things nobody really needs to hit the growth targets. There is no need to abuse the planet and overuse resources. In fact, there is no need for growth just for the sake of growth and accumulation of wealth for survival and status.

Innovation is largely effected by this new form of co-creation. As there is no more separation, property or currency – we don’t need any system for patents or IP (Intellectual Property). Instead – we realize that all, no matter if it is resources or wisdom, is provided by the same Source – the superorganism we are all part of. As efficiency (in terms of time and money) no longer plays any role – we can experiment, play and discover completely new approaches, technology, systems etc for the benefit of ALL. Augmented co-creation is creating with an intention but without attachment to any specific outcome, i.e. there is no fixed project outcome definition. Instead we know that each aspect contributing to the co-creation has an effect on the final, unknowable result. This makes innovation limitless, and the results always exceeds what we could have imagined alone.

Religion loses its power over people as we all realize that God is not a force outside of us, but we are a spark of God. The force is working through the vehicle (our human body) we currently inhabit. We are an instrument in the great orchestra of Source, and as we remember, we start playing together instead of against each other. We remember our essence and what we are here to share with the whole. The more we embody unconditional sharing as our lifestyle. – the less we need religion (that includes gurus) to tell us what to do and to justify and rectify our behaviour. We no longer need beliefs that separate us, instead we have faith in our own inner guidance system, which is aligned with the overall organism.

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