Welcome to the next level !!
Welcome to ABSOLUT/I0 !!

Time to play and co-create heaven on earth !! 

What if we could actively support the process of awakening and personal transformation in a fun and playful way? 

What if players would actively contribute to the creation of the new world, while playing their individual quest to their absolute self (their essence)? 

Wouldn’t it be way more fun to go through the process of awakening in a playful way? 

We feel it would be! Imagine you would have an app that is your personal oracle, giving you guidance in your individual process every day. 

Imagine this app would be based on your personal astrology/gene keys, your personal behavioural patterns, your talents, interests and passion, as well as your unconscious shadow parts to be your companion in your quest in the best possible way. 

An app with A.I. that is based on the new source code and it is actively learning and connecting dots, not only for you as an individual, but for humanity as a whole single organism. You’ll meet players from all over the world, you can embark on adventures and missions alone or together to learn, grow, evolve and create not only a new version of you, but a new version of reality for us all. 

Imagine that by playing, you would automatically support not only your own evolution, but the evolution of a new civilization and way of co-existence for humanity as a whole. Imagine you would not only build a paradise in a virtual reality, but in parallel for real: ABSOLUTIA!!

ABSOLON is the place where we create ABSOLUT/I0, an interdimensional, interactive game that covers the whole process of awakening / expansion of consciousness in an interactive and playful way. Everything becomes a playful game instead of a heavy duty mission sitting on our shoulders. 

ABSOLUT/I0 transforms the planet into your playground where you feel like a “Jumanji” player, looking for easter eggs everywhere like in “Ready Player One”, learning how to play with other players like in “LOST”, and remembering that everyone is playing their role for your own quest and experience, like in “The Game”. Yes, all of these, remixed and evolved into one grand game!!

From the first moment that you install the ABSOLUT-I0 app, your reality is focused on the inner maze to your core, leading to the Absolute version of yourself. The whole planet is the stage of this game, exactly like in the “Westworld” park with thematic areas. And like Bill Murray in “The Man who knew too little“, you are not able to differentiate anymore what is part of the game and what is not. And the best part:  Everything in this new game supports you to dissolve your separation from God (Source/the Universe), and you start playing “SimCity” for real! 

After playing the ABSOLUT/I0, Dan Brown’s novels and movies will look like “Tintin” comics to you.

Are you ready Player ONE?

*Absolicious ART by Gam-Ol