This is the first draft concept of the new outposts in Absolutia, based on the torus principle of infinite flow. The Source Code is anchored into the center/foundation/zero-point. On the left is the co-creative, on the right the co-living space. For the single items, please see the Compass.

The STAAGE is where we share prototypes of creations with the public.

In the FFORUM, we meet, we discuss, we inspire and augment our adventures and missions to bring them into their absolute version.

The COMMUNAL LIVING area is where we enjoy community life, being together, chatting, eating, having a drink, watch a movie, enjoy the sauna etc…

DOMUS are the fully equipped individual living spaces of Absolutians.

The EDUCATION Area goes beyond schools. It is where we all, kids and adults, learn and grow by experience and observation. A library is included, and the Atlas of Absolutia is kept here.

The FFUN area is where we play and are active.