Often the best way to explain the unseen, is to start by sharing how it doesn’t look.

On the 1st of October 2020, was the 38th anniversary of the Florida’s EPCOT inauguration. Walt Elias Disney was concerned with the “urban crisis” of the time and believed there was no bigger problem facing society. What most of the people don’t know is that the EPCOT theme park was originally designed as an attempt to build a true utopia.

Walt’s purpose for EPCOT was to be a real city, an Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow that would never cease to be a blueprint of the future. EPCOT would be in a permanent state of becoming, focusing on the needs and happiness of residents, and their demand for new technologies. 

Walt relied on what he knew and what he had, the progress and the innovation of the American Industry. EPCOT was the heart of the last dream of Walt, and he put all his energy into its development. EPCOT was so promising that General Electric and Westinghouse had been in merger discussions with the Disney’s organization but a deal never came to fruition.

Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966. His brother Roy stated that, even while he was dying, Walt was still planning his city in the hospital. Walt used the ceiling grid to lay out a scale plot plan in his imagination, each 24″ x 24″ tile representing one square mile.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney always strived for the impossible. He stated “all our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”, and he shared his only secret to make them come true, “the four C’s: Curiosity, Confidence, Courage, and Constancy.”

After Disney’s death in 1966, the “EPCOT” concept was abandoned as the company had uncertainty about the feasibility of maintaining an operating city. Disney directors eventually decided that it was too risky to venture into city planning now that its biggest advocate was gone. Roy persisted and took the reins on the project, but he could not convince the board to build EPCOT.

In the late 1970s, Disney CEO Card Walker wanted to revisit the EPCOT idea. But the board was still wary and all agreed that Walt’s EPCOT would not work in its initial incarnation. The result of the compromise was the EPCOT theme park, which opened in 1982. While still emulating Walt Disney’s ideas, it was not a city, but rather closer to that of a World’s Fair.

True purpose is the key in any design of whatever utopia. Walt Elias Disney’s purpose was based on solving a problem. He relied on investors and industries, the same partners that made his dreams came true. Investors and industries love solutions for problems, but they accompany your dreams for the return of investment, they are never truly interested in seeing the main purpose blossoming if there is not a clear ROI expected. 

The new common God for all the nowadays human problems is technology. That always excites investors. Yes, thats again still industry and progress, the same one from the industrial revolution, now just more sophisticated. So, what we experience now is a new wave of technology based utopias. Take a look at the Toyota woven city, trying to harmonize your work & life balance. Take a look at NEOM that will create the first start-up city. Take a look at what Icon3D and BIG are designing on The Moon. Including the eco-friendly Regen Villages are nothing but guilt free marketing for real state. Nothing new under this sun. It might be a very shiny caterpillar, but it is not a butterfly.

At ffmovement we do like co-creation with technology, especially with AI. But technology with the purpose of serving the post-capitalist industry (and investors), will not make people live happy and healthy lives, it will make their life just more efficient. Again, everything is about purpose, and only new common values (like the new source code) can generate something that does not only smell and look fresh, but is actually something absolutely fresh. 

The Absolutian Outposts concept is beyond the last century “new urbanism” and “garden cities” where we live. Our cities served the purpose of the industrial revolution. Our cities are obsolete, no matter how much make-up we add to them. Don’t worry, Rome was also considered to be “too big to fail”. Once it had 2 million inhabitants in the splendor of the imperium and only 20,000 just before the Renaissance. 

Yes, at ffmovement we look back at history for inspiration, and for the discovery of the cycles. We look back at what Brunelleschi and Donatello did by rediscovering Rome and the works of Marcus Vitruvius. They rediscovered the perfection of human proportions and Nature’s structure and flow, and also the precise mathematical code and beauty of Nature. And with that, they unknowingly iniciated the Renaissance that transformed everything in recent history. 

In the coming Age of Innocence, the new human is at the center of everything. 
A new human in balance. 
A new human that no longer operates from a fear-based mind. 
A new human with the heart at the center of this balance.

A new human requires a new way of living and thriving.
This new age requires structure and flow for thriving together.

It is beyond a new civilization, because it is not just another spin, it is not just another evolution. 
It is a new twirl timeline from the zero point. It means to start from scratch.
A new start with no reference at all, or at least, nothing to repeat from duality.

How does it look like, the food generation, water systems, energy sources, education…?
How does it look like, when people are just being kids and unfolding the artist that they have inside?
How does it look like, an age that sounds like a fantasy tale the size of Lennon’s Imagine?

We do not have all the answers, yet.
We do have some intuitions.
And we started to play with these intuitions.
That is how kids prototype, by trial and error.

We are sure that the day Walter Gropius founded the Bauhaus, he had a clear intention but could not see the outcome. Especially the impact his gang would end up having on the world in so many different fields.

Same here. Trust in the augmented co-creation. These lines are an open invitation to all the visionaries, dreamers, and players that want to play uncondtionally with the new source code that is available for a new paradigm, and the structures and flow around the new age for humanity.

Before coming to play, open yourself up to really taking a quantum leap.
This is not about living off-grid, neither permaculture, or healing spaces.
This is truly about abandoning a co-dependent model of society.
This is about how it plays living together in interdependency.

This is not about going back to being an organism.
It is about becoming a new super-organism where everybody thrives, shares and plays together. Unconditionally!

This is beyond universal basic income.
This is about no income at all! 
So that is why it is not a new civilization, because it is not about a new -…ism that a politician or a dictator can implement in a country.

This is the blank slate / timeline that offers us the last upgrade on the universal sourcecode to start again, with none of the flags and countries that we identify with, and no currency at all. It doesn’t matter if it’s a block-chain based currency, old-fashioned dollars, or gold. Because any currency means that you exchange in a linear way, you take or you give. Currencies mean that you earn, and that you save. None of this is necessary anymore.

A new age means not going back to the dependency of civilizations where the government/emperor/king provided (or promised) safety, sanitation, energy and other solutions for your wellbeing in exchange for your taxes and your vote. A new system means no codependency and hierarchy at all!

A new age requires a new approach. Starting with the elements. Take a look at water distribution systems and your water bills. Beyond rethinking that in endless brainstormings, it is about observing nature and our body. A new age requires harmony with nature, not to mine resources, abusing and exhausting the planet. Most likely the outcome is about new humans with new needs, and being integrated in the cycles of water.

A new age it is not about using renewable energies and distributing them because they are clean. It is about co-creation with nature. Yes, you read that right!

The era when humanity was playing survival from the elements is close to its end.
The era when humans exploited earth and then tried to rectify it when it was too late, is gonna be gone soon, too.

Only new humans, pure anomalies, able to function with the new sourcecode where duality is outdated, are able to play like kids with the magic and power of the gods we all are.

Only when this new human plays from the heart, in the now, and in oneness, will they reach the mastery of elements. Terraforming will be as natural as breathing nowadays. 

That is the reason why before you start playing with these new Absolutian Outpost layouts you must first reboot and update yourself. None of the new technology can be available for players in survival and greed mode (that is fear of not surviving in disguise).

While the new game is available for everybody, it is not compatible with the outdated binary human coding of duality/borders/wars/competition (which served its purpose and will be destroyed by entropy).

The verge of a new age for this planet, means a world based on trinary codes. Yup, you heard it right. In order to design Absolutian Outposts, we start by not playing with duality based explosion/combustion technologies. We no longer base and create reality on the split of the atom, we base and create everything on the fusion of what had been separated. 

In order to design an Absolutian Outpost, the center where structure and flow will grow, is a trinary based human that lives in a world based on implosion. And that doesn’t mean another external perpetual machine that generates something for us to survive/progress. That means that our chakra system disconnects and our torus connects so we become the power plant. Yes we will be truly self sourcing. We transcend, and then we live and thrive in a new world.

Our physical bodies, are already transforming, non is completely transcended yet. Within the transformation we get the first glimpses of the new. So in the Absolutian Outposts Concept, we started to abandon all that is old, and started playing with trial and error of what is already available from the new. Frankly, there is not too much we have to say if you try to compare all the progress generated since the stoneage, but it is enough to start, and it’s exciting!