When we co-create together in the now-moment, we cannot know the final outcome. Our co-creations grow from the inside out, and are not driven by plans for an already fixed idea of an end-product(ion). With each new participant in the creative process, the result will change. With each new inspiration and idea, the creative process gets a different spin. We trust the diversity of contributions, and the perfection of each new impulse. We know that the outcome will by far exceed our individual perception and imagination of what is possible, and is so much more amazing than anything we could have created alone.

We love prototypes and we love to play. Just like children, we discover and explore in playful ways. We are curious, we try things without a fear of consequences. We see purpose in everything. Also in the things that have not worked. We learn from them, and what to improve. As pioneers, we know that we know nothing, and appreciate the new uncharted territories we explore. 

Evolution needs a playground in order to try things out. Cells adapt to new influencing factors through trial and error. Only through failure we learn, grow and expand fully. By playing like this, we make our creations, processes and relations even better. Mistakes are the major tool and driver for resilience, evolution and joy to occur. We are not afraid to let go of old ways that did not work, and are open and ready to take a new direction or approach without any regrets. 

*Absolicious ART by Chris Tamblin