“Dreamers need to stick together. It’s not programming, it’s personal.”  
– Athena / Tomorrowland

A community starts with a common ground. It has a common intention, purpose and shared set of values. For us, this starts with accepting that we are all equal but different. We welcome and celebrate diversity. We don’t create another bubble. Instead, we become a reference point and model for a new societal template.
Our community is open to everyone who resonates with this Source Code and commits and chooses to join the process of co-creation by contributing and sharing their essence unconditionally. This naturally establishes the equilibrium of a permanent non-linear giving and receiving.

A healthy community is interdependent. We all maintain our individual freedom yet are committed to the core signals and vibes. We are responsible for our function, task and contribution in our interactive organism. We share unconditionally what is available, knowing that our contribution into the community, is a contribution to our own well-being and world we want to live in. It serves to let each individual thrive and contribute in the optimal way. With each individual joining in, a new unconditional world is expanding and growing.

The values of this category are important to us to maintain our Community for everyone involved in our activities.

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