We combine respect with compassion to bring heart and mind together. Then respect is not only expressed in words but also felt with our whole being. 

We respect where each and everyone is in their journey and see the perfection of those natural cycles of evolution. We know that no one is better or worse, further ahead or behind, but simply in a different stage and state of being. We see and appreciate people for who they are in their innocent essence, not for their conditioning or what they could be useful for. 

We are open and radically honest in our communication and feedback. We keep the balance between expressing and receiving/listening and are sharing our observations and feelings, whether we are triggered and upset by something or we are in excitement and joy. 

We are respecting the boundaries and space of everyone, knowing about the relevance for each individual to keep a healthy balance within. We know that we can only be of service to others and the community, when we are fully connected to, and respectful with our own inner resources and energy.

*Absolicious ART by Daniele Stochino