„Everything you can imagine is real“ – Pablo Picasso

The more we understand our creator power, the more this quote makes sense in a whole new way. The only limits are in our mind. In order to break those limits, WTF moments (cognitive dissonances) are needed, so we can no longer hold on to our current belief system. 

FFABRIC produces exactly that. Absolute Art Sensations that crack the mind and touch people in their core. To support the expansion of consciousness and the opening of hearts, enabling short moments of entering into a whole new dimension of reality. AARTS confront us with our perceived limitations and are facilitating real breakthroughs in our perception of truth and reality. 

Art speaks to the subconscious, and when experienced with all senses, it takes us completely into the NOW moment – the only place that is real, and the only place of pure magic and connection to ALL. The place we feel at home and an intense love for no reason. This is what we as humans perceive as true beauty. These moments when the love that we are is mirrored back to us. We are in a state of flow and feel ONE with the Universe. 

Absolute Art Sensations are specifically designed for humans to remember this connection and the way of accessing it. AARTS trigger inner shifts to reconnect to our essence – AARTS facilitate the building of inner bridges – activating the right brain to connect creativity and the sense of oneness to the left brain. This way, we harmonize our perception of Oneness with our individuality – without being cut off anymore and no longer feeling separated or alone. AARTS are here to inspire and enable the creation of a different fabric of reality and society. 

In its creations, FFABRIC combines metaphysical science with human life experience to facilitate the awakening and embodiment of unity consciousness. 

Remember the formula: WTF+WOW = AHA. 

*Absolicious ART by Katrina Fedukowski