The fractal principle is the way the universe and nature work. They describe how our universe is shaped by defining principles, frameworks and codes that quickly spread, expand and evolve into complex structures, organisms and ways of life. They can be found everywhere, from the cell to the solar system. Fractals help us to understand the natural flow of evolution. While our minds have been conditioned and trained in linear thinking (past/present/future), and seeing processes in controlled linear timelines, nature and its fractal principle works in parallel and exponential ways. Just like cells divide, all carrying the same Code/Information, they grow much quicker than it would ever be possible in a linear way. The shared code serves the quick developments and seamless growth. No control is required. They grow from the inside out in perfect universal timing, which is the opposite of the linear way of thinking we have been conditioned with (Change the outer to satisfy the inner). Fractals show us that everything is interconnected in an organism, and traces back to a shared core DNA, responding to the same codes/signals. Fractals show us that limits are only in our linear minds. Fractals are artistic and mathematical, rational, non-hierarchical, chaotic, ordered and beautiful. They lie at the heart of creativity, imagination and quantum physics. Fractals are inspirational. Although seemingly complex, they are based in simplicity and effortlessness of nature.

We play and co-create following this universal principle. We fully trust that our Source Code is represented in every Fractal of the Fast Forward Movement. This way we grow and co-create quickly in a very natural way, creating ripple effects to inspire and touch people with our way of life. This is our way to bring transformation to humanity. Our structure including our communication platforms are translating the non-linear fractal principle based on natural pull-dynamics. The empowered individual chooses which information is required and necessary for their own tasks and projects to draw from the overall information database and population. The decision of the individual automatically leads to a decision that is of the highest benefit for the whole organism, as there is no personal interest attached.

Absolicious ART by Markus Kösel