Hospitia is the first physical touch and reference point with unconditional living, sharing and co-creating. It is a go to place within the old world, for individuals that truly want to live a different life and want to heal and empower themselves to be able to live in a completely new, unconditional way with the Source Code as a basic understanding and mutual agreement. The absolicious life

Hospitia is a place to develop new inner bridges that could not be built before, because the human conditioning was in the way. Here, you move from a pyramidic, hierarchichal Maslow point of view, where you permanently need to compromise yourself to cover your basic needs, to a state of full self-realization. The pyramid transforms into a sphere, with you and your essence (the self-realized you) in its center, and you do everything from this inner place of authenticity and empowerment without compromising your essence ever.

Hospitia is a place where you first learn about yourself, and how much more wonderfully complex and simple at the same time you are than what you thought you were. It invites you to confront yourself with yourself at the deepest level. Here, you realize that it is never about “the others” and that everything happens for you. It gives you a whole new spectrum of viewing and perceiving reality, up to the point where you realize your immense power of creation you were not aware of.

It is a place where you can get in touch with your playful essence. Your authenticity. Here, your mind learns to find calm, so it has the space to integrate a lot of new inspiration and information. You learn to let go here, of what you thought was true. You discover parts of you that you were not aware of, such as your right side of the brain, your storytelling ego that has been dictating your reality so far, your wounded, traumatized inner child that wants to keep you safe and loved, your inner artist and innate creativity, the intelligence of your physical body, the wisdom of the pain you feel, and the immense transformative power of your emotions and vulnerability.

Here, you learn that transformation and inspiration go hand in hand; to truly move forward, one cannot be without the other. Healing without creativity can create infinite loops of chasing a goal in the future (to be whole), while creativity without healing will not allow an opening to a completely new level of consciousness. Only when they play together within you, you will truly move forward, and keep expanding, while being right here right now, content with what is.
Hospitia is a place dedicated to your empowerment. People, who have gone through this whole process themselves are here to hold the space for you, to give you some guidance, without taking decisions or making choices for you. No, nobody is going to fix you here – because you have never not been whole. You just separated yourself from it.

Hospitia helps you to remember your divinity and who you truly are. It supports you in accessing your long-lost IN-tuition, your inner compass that always works with absolute precision. You meet like-minded and like hearted people here on the same quest to their absolute, beautiful self. You laugh together, you cry together, you create together, you go on inner and outer adventures together, and on your own. Not only that. You also start to remember that you are an aspect of the whole, and that your essence, unconditionally shared with all the other unique essences will paint and co-create a completely new paradigm of unity consciousness. 

Hospitia is a place where you actually experience shared essence and unconditional living every single day and you are becoming an active part of this new lifestyle. With each moment spent here, you embody more and more of the new. In Hospitia we don’t just talk about the new, we live and inspire with it, every single day. Until you have detected and transformed every single doubt, every bit of mistrust, every bit of lack, every bit of judgment, every bit of guilt, every bit of shame within you.
Hospitia is set up in a way that you are able to be confronted and that you cannot run away from yourself, so you are “forced” to find the silence within you. Before we are actually ready to live unconditionally, we need all the community triggers (those are triggers we cannot get when we sit at home alone or with an old family set up) to see and experience what is still in us that blocks us from it. We need to see and viscerally feel the best and the worst of human dynamics playing out in groups, and learn to respond in a completely different way.