Everything happens for us, nothing happens to us. We see purpose and perfection in all things and events. Individually and collectively. We know that everything follows the universal laws and natural cycles to always strive for and come back into balance. 

We embrace all 50 shades of grey of ourselves and of everyone radically and without exceptions. We know that everyone is innocent, good and loving in their core but are aware that we all have our blind spots, conditioning, beliefs, patterns and shadow backpacks from the past.

We know when to hold on and when to let go because we have a healthy unfiltered perspective of a neutral observer. We don’t pick sides, but find an unconditional, neutral inner equilibrium instead. We don’t make assumptions but stick to the facts. We let everyone be who they are and accept where they are in their own evolution and life journey. This way, we don’t need to be right, but let things be without judgment or blame.

*Absolicious ART by Lance / Photovision