Shared Essence is the new base principle of non-linear exchange of ideas, feelings, wisdom, talents, goods and services, of an unconditional society. 
It connects all formerly separate fields of a society into an interactive dynamic and structure of a holistic superorganism operating on unconditional sharing. The base requirement for this new principle to flourish is the (indiviual) human’s rememberance of Oneness – the awareness of humanity and everything we perceive in reality being US, the SELF (God, the Source, All, Whole…). It is the moment a human embraces, loves and appreciates diversity fully and therefore transcends the illusion of separation. The moment of acceptance and full ownership of the perceived outside reality as our own creation, our emotional intelligence, our inner compass/intuition comes fully online.

The illusion of separation and lack has created the main human conditioning of greed for survival and control (power). It has fostered competition and comparison. It has led to judgment and blame and ultimately to the billions of conflicts taking place every day. The result is the world of today, where human laws, systems, hierarchies and control mechanisms permanently conflict with the grand circle of life and its natural laws. No matter how hard we try to be “sustainable” it is in fact impossible, due to this permanent conflict in base coding.

The illusion of private property (resources and intellectual) dissolves the moment we remember that everything is of everyone and is in fact ONE.

Shared Essence does not only merge and unite economy and ecology into organic harmony, it also makes human system inventions such as laws, political ideology, financial markets, currencies, decision making matrixes, risk management, NGOs, religious beliefs or teaching/education obsolete – as we are no longer living in the illusion of separation, and we stop hurting the SELF/ONE that we all are.

We become ONE with nature and the universe, following the same non-linear dynamics and patterns goverened by the laws of the universe. We are no longer driven by outside forces, narratives, ideology and beliefs. Instead, we start co-creating our own narratives based on this new, unconditional Source Code. Instead of trying to control, we are allowing the force (Source, God) to flow and work through us. We become an instrument in the grand orchestra of ALL.
We have a deep inner knowing that we are ALL ONE, and that the intelligence that runs through us delivers the right impulses at the right time that automatically are for the benefit of the WHOLE.  We just know in our heart what is right. All is interconnected in a decentralized way – as all aspects of the whole carry the same base code and receive and read the same signals, translating them into their specific function in this superorganism. Our unique Gene Keys are defining our function that we contribute with, with all our passion and joy. It comes easy to us. It is fun. It actually provides us with more energy. It brings us into the so-called flow state, and we do it because we love it so much – not for the sake of money or survival.

Nobody else has the exact same set up. We are all unique essences of the ONE ALL. 
Just as every cell in a physical body carries the same base DNA, all of them have a specific unique function (essence) they are naturally good at and are implementing it with no effort. An organism can only operate and function in harmony, when every aspect of this diverse SELF is valued as equal and appreciated for their function. 

Imagine now billions of unique essences with unique talents and gifts starting to share in a non-linear, unconditional way – no longer expecting a direct return or instant gratification. Not acting out of „personal interest“ (survival and attention), but motivated by true love of neighbors and SELF-respect (respect for ALL). 

Shared Essence has augmented co-creation as a base principle. There is a shared intention (inside-out impulse), but no plan or objective for a fixed outcome (outside in stimulus), as we create guided by impulses out of the moment. Each aspect with each impulse contributes to the co-creation and gives it a new spin. We don’t know what the final result will be, but we do know that it exceeds what we could have projected or imagined alone. 

Shared essence celebrates diversity and co-creates in effortless manner from the inside out. No matter if it is art, architecture, infrastructure, new societal principles, games, etc. 
Shared essence is a living and loving superorganism, seamlessly co-creating and co-existing in harmony as one. Hand in hand and heart to heart.

*Absolicious ART by geralt