The Compass is our tool for orientation in ABSOLUTIA.

THE SOURCE CODE is the center and multidimensional foundation of ABSOLUTIA. Here you start to explore after crossing the gate.

THE QUEST QUARTER is where we design and create the game “ABSOLON”.

At THE ABLAB (The Absolicious Lab), we design, develop, and prototype the new way of life in all areas: Beyond politics, beyond economy, beyond schools, beyond beliefs, beyond business, etc.

THE FFABRIC brings the new fabric of this paradigm into colours, sounds, taste, smell and touch. Here we co-create Absolute Art Sensations. Inspiring Art Experiences that deliver WTFs, WOWs and AHAs.

At THE OFFSPRING we design and prototype our truly sustainable absolutian outposts.

EXPLORE the ELEMENTS of the Compass by playing with the ITEMS below:

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

*Absolicious header ART by Neptali Cisneros