“Our fate lies within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it.”
– Princess Merida / Brave

One of the most powerful energetic laws in our Universe is that energy flows to where our attention goes. The moment we realize our power of giving energetic votes and power to people, situations and topics by giving it attention, we realize the power of collective creation. Combined with the law of Oneness, remembering that everything and everyone is connected, we discover our true potential as a human species.

We start to unravel layer by layer of our conditioned behavioural patterns, to enable our inner compass – our emotional intelligence to come fully online. We understand that vulnerability is the key to alchemy.

It is our choice, if we are focused on the problem, focused on changing and fixing the old world, continuing the loop of duality by picking a side – or whether we focus on a third way: The co-creation of a new world, which automatically becomes the solution. We can’t do both. We choose to create and embody the new way, and with it, we are simply inspirational, attractive and fun to share with.

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*Absolicious ART by Ivan Bautista