Our attention defines our outside reality. Whatever we focus on, we provide energy to and it grows in our experience. With our free will, we decide whether we choose what we don’t want/we are afraid of, or whether we choose what we want to experience, and what brings us joy. We cannot focus on both at the same time. Focus automatically requires a letting go of whatever else is out there. Letting go is key to shift the attention and therefore our outer reality.
There is a saying that the universe does not understand “no“. The metaphysical explanation for this lies in this universal law of where we put our attention. What we resist, judge and blame persists, until we own it as our own creation (See “Law of Attraction/Synchronization“). We therefore give energetic votes to situations, narratives and people by giving it attention. 


<< Energy flows where Attention goes
<< Focus on something lets it grow in our experience
<< Letting go is key to shift the attention and outer reality
<< “The Universe does not understand “no” – focus on what you have / love
<< What we resist, judge, and blame persists
<< We give energetic votes by giving attention

*Absolicious ART by aklara