What is commonly referred to as the law of attraction, should much rather be called the law of synchronization. Attraction would be magnetic, opposing poles, plus and minus being pulled towards each other. Synchronization is the alignment of the same wave-length of energy. That is how the law of attraction actually works. We synchronize with alike frequencies. 

Everything we experience in our outside reality, is a reflection of our own energetic state. We therefore always create our expererience with our own vibration. 

In our human conditioning, we have all learned that we need to change situations or change the behaviour of other people to change our experience and feeling of well-being. Energetically – that does not make any sense and is actually counter-productive. It keeps us distracted from our own energetic state, so our experience repeats – only the setting and the actors change. 

To actually change our experience, we need to shift our own frequency and go against our current conditioning. We need to take responsibility for our own energy and outside perception/attitude (see “Law of Attention“). Only a shift in attitude from victim mode to empowerment liberates us from the loops we have been in. We apply a new Source Code, so to speak. The key to shifting frequency is feeling, not thinking. A frequency shifts when we embrace our feelings, and allow the emotion to pass through us and release, without any story, guilt or shame attached (See “Law of Relativity“). Step by step this takes us back to our original state of inner power and our inner source of joy and contentment. 


<< Alike frequency waves synchronize
<< The outer world is a reflection of the inner world
<< We create our experience with our own energetic frequency / vibration
<< To change the experience, we need to shift our frequency into the new source code
<< Allowing and owning emotions is key to this process

*Absolicious ART by Luis Vasconcelos