This law has been misinterpreted over eons, when seen through the linear perception of the mind. All kinds of ideas come from this misinterpretation, one of the most famous ones being the idea of individual Karma. We believe that our individual deeds have a certain effect. It is our idea of controlling and manipulating our outside reality and with it other people and situations. This is the illusion of conditional thinking and acting. “If (I/we/you do/don’t do) this, then that (will happen/not happen)”. This is how our binary mind thinks reality works, yet this has nothing to do with the true essence of the law of cause and effect. 

The law of cause and effect has nothing to do with individual identities or actions, and nothing to do with linear time. The law of cause and effect simply states that each cause leads to an effect for the evolution and learning of the whole. As with every universal law, it is based on organic dynamics, not on a linear dynamic. 

Our linear idea of Karma tells us that we did something good or bad (in the past) as an individual identity, and this will have an effect for us as an individual identity in the future. We are taking this very personally, because we cannot understand that individual identity is the illusion. 

Only the ego thinks in such individual identities. When seen from a holistic/trinary perspective, we are all part of one and the same (organism). There is no karmic bank account, returns on invested energy or medals for good or bad individual behaviour because individuality at the absolute level does not exist! (See the law of Oneness). What we all need to learn sooner or later is that life just happens on its own accord. It has no moral. It does not have any concept of individual justice. Those are human ego concepts to protect our illusion of individuality. 

No matter what our perceived individual actions/causes – they always trigger an effect on the whole and serve the whole, either by repeating a cycle of learning, or by evolving and transcending a repetitive cycle. They are not good or bad (this is again an interpretation of the binary mind) (See law of relativity) – they are necessary acts for our collective evolution. Not a single bit of energy is ever wasted as each bit of liberated (triggered) energy becomes a building block for something new (See law of conservation).

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