Energy cannot be destroyed, it cannot dissolve, it can only transform its frequency. Nothing is ever lost, or ever added to the amount of energy in the quantum field. There are two ways to be provided with energy. One option is to “steal” energy from each other by seeking attention, or preventing pain by blaming and judging. The other way is to access the quantum field / source of energy directly through an open and vulnerable heart, with our emotional intelligence being fully intact. 

Constructive (without projecting onto other people or circumstances) releasing through emotion is key, as it is the only way to transform the frequency of an energy. Energy is always in motion, waves and ups and downs are normal, ebb and flow go hand in hand. The energetic flow is always present, and it is our choice, whether we go with it or against it. Going with it requires an unlearning of our linear conditioning, and thinking in straight lines. There are times of slow movement and stillness, and there are times of acceleration and action. Going against it is exhausting and wears us out. Allowing and surrendering to this universal flow is the ultimate trust in “all is perfect”. Any feeling of need of protection or control (fear) is blocking us from going with the natural, universal flow. 


<< Energy can only transform, it cannot dissolve
<< Releasing through emotion is key to transformation
<< Energy is always in motion
<< Energetic flow is always present, it is our choice to go with it or against it
<< Allowing and surrender is key to trusting the flow
<< Feeling of the need of protection and control (fear) blocks us from the flow

*Absolicious ART by Nathan Watson