Everything we perceive is experience. Experience is the only way we learn, and is the purpose of life. It is not getting somewhere, it is enjoying the ride. Everything we experience has purpose, be it perceived as “good” or “bad”. Definitions of good and bad are relative, when we see the purpose of experience to learn, expand and grow. Duality (darkness and light) in itself is the illusion. With our free will, we decide whether we engage in the drama or whether we perceive it with relativity. (See “Law of Attention“). It is our conditioning and our beliefs which give meaning to something that is meaningless in itself. “This too shall pass” keeps us in the natural flow and an attitude of understanding and acceptance. 

The universe and everything in it is always in energetic balance, the only difference is our attitude and how we operate energetically (see “Law of Conservation & Vibration“). 

Forgiveness and gratitude are high frequency feelings that give us the key to appreciate all of our experiences and to transform the frequency (see “Law of Attraction/Synchronization“).


<< Everything is experience
<< Everything has purpose
<< Duality (good and bad, darkness and light) is an illusion
<< “This too shall pass” is important to stay in inner balance
<< The universe and everything in it is always in balance
<< Forgiveness and gratitude is key to appreciating all experiences and to transformation of frequency

*Absolicious ART by 愚木混株CDD20