“It’s not hard to make decisions, once you know what your values are.”
– Roy E. Disney

Decisions we take can be broken down to a very simple scheme. We are always at a road fork when we make our choices. And we make them either based on mind-driven fear, or based on our intuition and an inner knowing without the need to know. That is when decisions actually become irrelevant, because we automatically know what to do and when to do it. We know that when we follow our inner compass, it is always for the benefit and in the best interest of ALL. It is easy for us, because in our heart, it is the Source Code that defines the signals of these core values and this energetic frequency pattern. It is ingrained into everything we are and do. We know that only people that resonate with this core vibe will align and stay. 

That is, why we don’t do rules, contracts or laws. Our way is unconditional.

However, we are truly committed from the heart. To ourselves. The organism. The community, the creations, our environment.  We have our specific, personal heart-beat. We know it is different, and we are proud of it. It is our rhythm that gives us the pace and direction for the flow we are in and how we co-create. Our heart beats for the beauty of life and the beauty within each individual. We value play, authenticity, and being out of the comfort zone for permanent growth. In order to be able to do that, these basic values are our fertile ground and are absolutely irrefutable.

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