“I create the world, widdle widdle wid, how i like it, and everyone who likes us, we share our secret formula with.”
– Pippi Longstocking

Living a life in coherence with this source code results in leading a new lifestyle: The Absolicious Life. We enjoy this lifestyle at its best in community. 

We understand humanity is set up to be a superorganism, where each and everyone has a unique function and purpose that no one else can fill. We do not compare or try to make people be someone they are not. We are creating an environment where people can thrive by being who and what they are, share their essence with the whole organism they are part of and are provided for all their necessities. We apply natural hierarchies, they have nothing to do with powerbased, controlling hierarchies that we have created as humans in the past.

While we live and embody this new way, we prototype the new infrastructure and content to be applied on a larger scale. This radically new reality also means a new space – Terranova – where we live play and co-create, not only with humans, and technology, but with planet earth and everything on it. A fertile ground for our collective utopia to unfold – Absolutia. 

With the natural unfolding and expansion of this new way of life, a new civilization starts flourishing in a miraculous way. A nuclear symphony of human heartbeats in harmony with the heartbeat of nature and the universe.

*Absolicious ART by Britta Jacobs