“If you focus on what you left behind, you will never be able to see what lies ahead.”
– Gusteau / Ratatouille

We are focused on root causes, not on symptoms. Instead of looking back, trying to fix the old world, that was created based on an old Source Code of duality, we go back to the origin. We return to our innocence, before it all started, to create a new world from scratch. It has a new Source Code of Oneness written into its roots. 

Understanding science and spirituality, and connecting it both with experience, we know that there is nothing to change in the old world. We see patterns, understand their root cause and shift the origin. This way, we create a new world – a magical world we all love and enjoy to live in, because we can be our essence.

It is based on a different perspective and dynamics that have absolutely nothing to do with the old, conditional, linear, mind-based ideas and ways, related to past or future, but are fresh from the heart and unity consciousness. We are guided by our intuitive, emotional intelligence, our inner compass, and our higher mind. Always present in, and created from the NOW-moment.

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