The Universe and Nature follow certain laws/principles (dynamics), and signals (information). 

The universal, harmonic dynamics are non-linear cycles of creation, created by the unity trinary polarity of masculine (proton/consciousness) and feminine (electron/life force) energy. They co-create a third force of limitless creation. These principles are absolute and a given, yet so far, we as humans had the split duality polarity running on binary codes as the basis for our experience of reality. Until now, we were not aware of the third force, connecting and uniting everything, which opens up completely new and unseen ways of creating our reality.

Every physical form and being in nature is governed by signals that are read by their specific DNA code. While the DNA defines the form and characteristics, the signals enable the behavior and flow.

When we live unconditionally, we are aligned with the principles of the trinary polarity, and have integrated them into our daily life and adventures.

We have understood, that it is not our human task to take control, and try to go against our inner compass and coding. That is why we do not have a person or a specific group of people to be in charge of governing, controlling and decision making, but a clear signal (defined by this Source Code) transmitting universal, organic values, dynamics, structure and purpose.

*Absolicious ART by Claudio Testa