Our organism, our co-creations and our way of creating together is based on universal trust. We know that when we align with the natural cycles, the universal flow of energies and its impulses, we are co-creating in the most effective and efficient way.

We are clear, open and radically honest in our communication and actions towards everyone involved about everything that is going on within our community and our endeavors. 

We know about the power of intuition and that it has been lost in the world of today. It has been replaced with administrative hierarchies, control and risk management systems that are not only limiting, but killing creativity and the natural flow.

Our way of playing and co-creating is based on trusting our intuition. We remain patient in stillness, and follow the inner impulses we get to take action as they come. We are not pushing or trying – we simply allow things to unfold naturally.

*Absolicious ART by Johannes Plenio