Here they go! Off to discover new horizons. The brave explorers, the adventurers, the magicians, the DREAMERS á la John Lennon to write the new legend, and to live the absolicious life. 

The New Kids, the Artists, the Scientists, the Enablers, the Keymakers, and the Builders discovering, and introducing the new ways, where playing is the new doing, and creating. 

Who are they?

How do I know if I am one, too? 

They are the walkers of the talk. Walking Source Codes. They embody the new ways, values, dynamics, structures and are sharing a vision and purpose. They are adventurers – pioneers, exploring the uncharted and unknowable. They are not afraid of any consequences. They know there is no guarantee in life for specific outcomes. The only guarantee is learning and growth. 

They know that adventure has nothing to do with plans, maps, budgets, programs, and organization. They know there is no guide for a safe passage. They know that all they have to rely on is their inner compass and impulses. They know that it is not about getting somewhere, it is about enjoying the ride.

Their trust is unshakable. They have a deep inner knowing without knowing. They know that the choices of the heart are leaps of faith, that cannot be understood by the linear mind. They know that you feel truth, you don’t think truth. They know that truth has nothing to do with authority, not with tradition, not with the past. They know that truth is nothing but radical, personal realization, and that it can change with each new impulse or insight.

They know that nothing is ever separated. They know everyone “out there” is “self”. That there are no “others”. They therefore treat everyone as they would treat themselves. They know that possessions of any kind, be it wisdom, talent, resources,… are an illusion, and a tool to keep attachments in place. They share unconditionally with their community what was given and gifted to them for the greater good. They know that there is much more for everyone when everyone shares. They know that everyone thrives when everyone shares. 

They know their lifestyle is inspiring and contagious. They don’t engage into the labels and stories of the mind, as they know about their distractive power from self, and their essence. They know that everything in life happens for you, not to you and they see the benefit in everything. They know their essence, and about the secret that you can only connect to it in the moment of NOW. They know that each aspect of the whole can only understand and read information into their own level of consciousness and awareness.

They do not try to fix or convince anyone or to sell truth. 

They are reborn as childlike creatures, playing and dancing along from moment to moment, with the rhythm of nature and the universe, knowing about its sheer perfection.

Alone, never have you been.”

– Yoda

*Amazing Art by Hjalmar Wahlin.



The Atomic Artifex
"So how do you plan on saving the world? We're not meant to save the world. We're meant to build a new inspiring one."
The Plumbing Polyglot
"The only mission there is, is having fun and play together, exploring, discovering and building the new world."
The Visionary Amalgam
"It is possible to bridge the impossible: you zoom in while you zoom out."
The Living Love
"Follow the light within, it will not lead you astray."
The carefree Love Punk
"My name is Petit and yes, I love you, and cookies!"
The Vigilant Mysterium
"I express my excitement when I sound like Chewbacca."