self-interest vs. SELF-SOURCING

„A truly common purpose is indestructible. However, for it to be so… it must transcend self-interest, to be meaningfully shared.“
– Nouk Sanchez

Our common purpose here and now is to love and live together in joy and harmony with nature as ONE. We all carry that information and desire within our DNA. It is what we unconsciously long for. What we miss. To share our individual talents and gifts, and to be appreciated and respected for who we truly are.
We are here to thrive, to love, to play.

The shift from co-dependency into being fully self-sourcing is so often mentioned in spiritual writings and texts about the ascension journey and our expansion of consciousness. We think we know what it means, but do we really? Do we still have filters of conditioning in place or do we see it in its purity through the lense of Oneness? Which attitude and perspective do we take when talking and thinking about self-sourcing?

The human mind immediately goes to interpreting it as things such as having our own income as a self-employed person or from an investment we made, or having enough savings for all of our lifetime, or living independently off the grid, etc…

Is that really self-sourcing though?

We think self-sourcing and self-love are ways to put ourselves as an individual first. And here, we encounter another paradox in this whole journey. Yes, self-love is absolutely important. We need to learn to fully love and accept ourselves for the individual, magical and beautiful aspect we are. That is the only way, we can actually step into our power, joy and natural flow. Deep within, often unconsciously, we just want to share our individual magic with the whole! Nevertheless, we often get trapped in another round of self-interest, and we separate ourselves from the whole.

Yes, right, we are an aspect. We are not an individual, separate identity that needs to make it on its own. And yes, it is also true, in our journey of awakening, that we are detaching and letting go of all of our co-dependencies, ususally starting with family and/or partnerships.

To make it even more confusing, it does not stop here. That was just our first step into independence, individual freedom and empowerment.
Yet, we start to discover more co-dependencies. With the government, the system, the banks, the employer, the money, the food providers, the coaches, the doctors etc. etc. We are still in survival mode trying to make our way and living in the old system. We are not acting out of unconditional SELF-LOVE to thrive, we are acting out of self-interest to survive. We still think conditionally in the learned pattern of cause and effect. We are still driven and controlled by outside factors.

So, being brutally honest with ourselves, the interpretation of our mind with regards to self-sourcing are still very co-dependent. We are depending on money, on resources, on clients, on harvests etc. We are neither independent nor free. It is not based on unconditional sharing and effortless joy, it is based on individual hard work, compliance, and survival.

We still see ourselves as an individual identity, separate from all the other human beings out there. Yes, sure, we often claim we are one, but mostly we refer to that in a higher dimension, where we are connected through love. We don’t act like it „down here“. Unity and oneness stops in the physical realm, where we play survival games based on lack.

If we invest our time, our money, our resources – we want to see a return on that investment, a result, or at least a karmic rebalancing for a good deed. That is how we learned the world works. Unconditional sharing is not attractive to the human mind, because there is no visible return on investment. We don’t directly see a result of „what’s in it for me?“

But really, who is that „me“?

There are two perspectives on „self“. The human ego version of being a separate entity, our id-entity. The self.
And there is the perspective of the soul: The SELF. One intelligent superorganism that encompasses and consists of all the aspects that we all are. Each one of us being an individual cell, with an individual function, individual talents, interests and passion to share with the SELF. To thrive. To enjoy. To celebrate. We are not co-dependent, we are not independent, we are interdependent. We are not fixing each other, or solving it for each other, we are sharing our power and our joy, to amplify each other and to co-create.

Just as our human body has billions of different individual cells, all of them carrying the same DNA, all of them knowing exactly what their function is, contributing effortlessly to the whole living organism, we as humanity are designed to be a holistic superorganism.

We as humanity have forgotten that we are all ONE. That we are interdependent. At the moment, our shared body, the physical SELF, has various auto-immune diseases, cells/individuals attacking and harming other cells and our life-giving environment, because they have forgotten about their function and their being part of the whole. Humanity’s body has cancer, where cells/aspects just grow for the growth sake out of self-interest, instead out of SELF-LOVE. Humanity’s body has a heart-disease, because we are exhausting not only ourselves, but the whole planet because of our fear of survival and our illusion of separation. We are completely out of alignment with the natural cycles that govern this planet and this universe.

SELF-SOURCING is not born out of self-interest. SELF-SOURCING means remembering our wholeness and embodying it. To see everyone as an extension of us. Treating everyone with „SELF-RESPECT“. Seeing everyone as a soul aspect of SELF to be retrieved and integrated and loved unconditionally.
Nothing and no one is separate from a soul perspective.

Our common purpose is to embody reunion, to thrive and to enjoy in trust and harmony. To experience and live in ONENESS as SELF.

First, we reunite within us. We break free, we become independent. We are an empowered aspect knowing and loving who we are individually. Knowing our function, and what makes us thrive. We might be happy for a while, feeling on top of the world and we think we got the part of self-love and self-sourcing down.

Until we expand once more. We get glimpses of SELF-LOVE and SELF-SOURCING. We then start reuniting with everyone, realizing we are all ONE. We no longer act out of self-interest, we are interested in the reunion and wellbeing of the SELF. ALL of US. From the inside out. One aspect joining in after the other. Organically. Sharing unconditionally to live the effortless and playful life we were all dreaming of.

„A truly common purpose is indestructible. However, for it to be so… it must transcend self-interest, to be meaningfully shared.“
– Nouk Sanchez

*Absolicious ART by Amr Taha

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