“And when a hero comes along”, “I need a hero”, We could be heroes, just for one day” etc. Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman etc, etc…

We, the human species have grown up with the hero programming. We love to admire heroes or be the hero. To put others on a pedestal or to have others put us on a pedestal.
We believe in saving and being saved.

It is easy for us to give when someone is in an emergency situation. If someone is ill. Or to give for organisations that save the ocean by removing garbage, save the rainforest by reforesting, save homeless by giving some food.

It is easy for us to celebrate those that have solved such a difficult situation with all their efforts. Those heroes!

It does not really matter to us that they are part of the problem and have co-created the situation in the first place. It does not matter to us that they are just treating symptoms of an artificial manmade system that are neverending.

There will always be more garbage in the oceans to collect, more burnt rainforest to reforest, more poverty to be charitable.

But it feels good to give a little and cheer on those heroes. At least someone is doing something! And thanks to them, we can stay in our comfort zone, calming down our feeling of guilt by supporting heroes or being a hero.

The real heroes are those that focus on the root cause. They are quiet, they look at themselves, at their own behavioural patterns and they shift and change. They don’t make noise about it, they walk right next to you and you don’t even know.

They are inspiring with a new lifestyle, they don’t point the finger at others, they look within.

They live amongst you, from moment to moment, they ask for nothing. They use what they were given for the greater good. They have no attachments, but they feel deep oneness of everything and everyone. Including you!
They live beyond duality, seeing beauty and purpose in everything. They are not distracted by all the noise of all the drama out there.

They gather with those that hear the same calling. To share a radically new way of living. To share what they have. To create a new paradigm. They go back to the origin – to their own essence. Before any hero programming. Where there is no rich and poor, black and white, save and being saved, heal and being healed. Where there is no giving and receiving, no trading.

There is unconditional sharing. There is unity. There is family. There is deep knowing. There is love. One unit, being and doing it together.

They are doing it for themselves, and with it – they do it for you, your family, your loved ones, and you might never even know about it until you experience the NEW you could not imagine was possible.

When you look around carefully, you can see them. They reflect your own deep hidden love and shadows to you. They are not comfortable, but they are brutally honest, raw and real. They wear no mask and they pull down yours. They look right through your stories and beliefs and see right into your heart and soul. They make you feel vulnerable, naked. They reflect your true inner power back to you. Your potential beyond fears. They might scare you at first, until you realize that this unconditional love is the only real thing we ever had to begin with. Just dare to smile and say hello – to that journey back to yourself.

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*Absolicious ART by Jad Limcaco